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If the goal is to build a border wall, then President Trump has made the wrong decision at every turn. In early 2018, Trump had... [Read More]
You don't have to like Trump but he has done more for the USA than any recent President. Our country first and always. Opportunities for... [Read More]
Trump called the New York Times "fake news." [Read More]
Last week the national debt hit $22 trillion and the president declared an emergency.Too bad the two things were not related.Even as the debt continues... [Read More]
Another State of the Union address by President Trump is over, and just like last year, the Democrats were exposed for who they truly are.... [Read More]
Around 20 people gathered at Union Square in Hickory on Monday afternoon to protest the immigration policies of President Trump. The protest was organized and... [Read More]
Robert Prowler's letter to the editor on Feb. 4, "Questionable that God appointed Trump as President", asked some great questions in regard to my letter... [Read More]
California is leading 15 other states challenging President Trump's national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border. [Read More]
Sixteen states have filed lawsuits over President Trump's emergency declaration. [Read More]
A 7-year-old boy is raising money for President Donald Trump's border wall with a hot chocolate stand - and he's already raised more than $2,000.... [Read More]
President Trump continues his push for regime change in Venezuela. North Carolina election officials are looking into the outcome of the state's 9th Congressional District,... [Read More]
Susan Stevens of Lewisville, whose daughter died of an opioid overdose last year, met with President Donald Trump last week and attended the president's news... [Read More]
Amid mounting efforts to stop him, President Trump is standing his ground. [Read More]
Observer readers comment on Border Patrol, illegal immigration, Gavin Newsom, Jerry Richardson, ASC campaign, Charlotte arts, President Trump, Green New Deal, Global Warming, the NBA... [Read More]
When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi learned that President Trump would declare a national emergency to shift around money to finance his border wall, her denunciation... [Read More]
After reaching a compromise for some of the border wall funding, President Trump declared a national emergency to find funding for the wall from other... [Read More]
Barbara Hege is correct when she says we should pray for President Trump (letter, Feb. 12). [Read More]
North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows weighs in on the decision by president trump to declare a national emergency. [Read More]
Why can't President Trump focus on actual threats? [Read More]
Susan Stevens lost her daughter to an overdose last year. She says something has must be done to stop the illegal flow of opioids into... [Read More]