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Since hope is gone from the oval office. It's stormy all day long for dear leader President Trump. Stormy from morning to night. Hope will... [Read More]
A Democratic win in last week's special House election in a solidly Republican western Pennsylvania district was widely interpreted as a sign of voter discontent... [Read More]
Christian Pastor Andrew Brunson from Black Mountain, North Carolina, faces life in prison in Turkey after new 'terrorism' indictment. President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence... [Read More]
After the latest horrendous mass shooting I'm reminded of President Trump's sick boast that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot... [Read More]
The President's plan focuses on  law enforcement, prevention and education. It also includes stiffer penalties for high-intensity drug traffickers, seeking the death penalty for some... [Read More]
A government watchdog is out with a new report on just how much was spent on President Trump's inauguration. [Read More]
I had been thinking about the idea of arming classroom teachers well before President Trump suggested the measure as a response to the terrible murders... [Read More]
The 50-year-old evangelical pastor from North Carolina, who has lived in Turkey for more than two decades, has been incarcerated since late 2016, in a... [Read More]
To the editor: In Cal Thomas' column on March 11, one has to wonder what world he is living in. The column was all about... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — In a rare expression of self-awareness, President Trump admitted — nay, boasted — that he just makes stuff up.Recounting a recent meeting with Canadian Prime Minister... [Read More]
I have had a problem getting my thoughts onto paper when thinking about President Trump's recent declaration regarding North Korea. My reticence has been caused... [Read More]
This past week, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Africa, President Trump fired him. Many commentators believed it was the right thing to do. [Read More]
The recent letters to the editor of The Pilot seem to seethe with either emotional attacks against or support for the NRA, President Trump, and... [Read More]
Donald Trump's White House has an estimated 43-percent turnover rate, according to new numbers from the Brookings Institute. [Read More]
Rex Tillerson went rogue, constantly disagreed with the man who hired him and reportedly called him a "moron" — an "(expletive) moron," actually. The secretary... [Read More]
President Trump said recently, "I believe I'd run into the school building in Parkland, Florida, even if I didn't have a weapon, and confront the shooter... [Read More]
Once again, President Trump has made a cowardly, cynical and monumentally stupid retreat on the issue of guns. No one should have expected otherwise. [Read More]
The PA-18 special election was different for Donald Trump and Republicans. [Read More]
President Trump's remarks at a private fundraiser on trade have provoked a rebuke from Canada. [Read More]
Today's Telegram carries an article headlined "Trump loses Ally" in resignation of Cohn. This is not a loss but a net gain for the Trump... [Read More]