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Every time the North Korean leader makes the news, two very unlikely beneficiaries prepare for their phones to start ringing. [Read More]

Australia has assigned a guided missile frigate to the East China Sea to boast international efforts to enforce sanctions against North Korea, an Australian officer... [Read More]

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be held soon. [Read More]

Kim Jong-un attended his recent meeting with Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, in what appeared to be a new Rolls-Royce, in defiance of... [Read More]

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty ROME—Pope Francis is waiting for an invitation that he knows he's going to get: a handwritten letter from King Jong Un opening... [Read More]
This week on "The Takeout," CBS News' Major Garrett interviews Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst. Ernst talked about how she disagrees with the president's praise... [Read More]
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling his recent trip to Pyongyang a success, but experts experienced in negotiating with Pyongyang remain unclear what... [Read More]
On the day Donald Trump signed the Music Modernization Act into law, he brought Kanye West to the Oval Office to discuss everything besides songs:... [Read More]
UK's John Calipari doesn't think having Rick Pitino talk to his team would be a good idea.        ... [Read More]
Rapper Kanye West and retired football player Jim Brown met with President Donald Trump in the oval office on Thursday to discuss a variety of... [Read More]
Do not expect Rick Pitino to make an appearance at UK basketball practice anytime soon.        ... [Read More]
South Korea said on Wednesday it would be "flexible" in reviewing its sanctions against North Korea. [Read More]
South Korean leadership backtracked statements that it's considering lifting sanctions on North Korea. [Read More]
Kylie Atwood was the sole reporter traveling with the secretary of state on his recent trip to meet with Kim Jong Un in North Korea... [Read More]
Kylie Atwood was the sole reporter traveling with the secretary of state on his recent trip to meet with Kim Jong Un in North Korea... [Read More]
South Korea walked back a proposal to lift sanctions on North Korea after President Donald Trump warned South Korea could "do nothing" without U.S. approval. [Read More]
A South Korean bishop says a visit by Pope Francis to North Korea would mark a "gigantic step" for peace on the peninsula but that... [Read More]
More North Korean children were hungry in 2017 than there were a year ago, according to international humanitarian organizations. [Read More]
South Korea on Thursday walked back on a proposal to lift some of its unilateral sanctions against North Korea following U.S. President Donald Trump's blunt... [Read More]
It's a dangerous job to try and remove sixty-five year old landmines from unstable soil, but that is the task at hand for South and... [Read More]