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A couple facing charges of solicitation to commit capital murder entered innocent pleas Monday in Benton County Circuit Court. [Read More]
State Rep. Mat Pitsch of Fort Smith narrowly defeated former state Rep. Frank Glidewell of Fort Smith in Tuesday's Republican runoff election for the Senate... [Read More]
Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse's initial plans to build a much-needed animal shelter in J.B. Hunt Park sounded visionary in the build-up to February's citywide bond... [Read More]
Good job, Jeff Sessions! It seems the attorney general's misguided attempts to revive the unpopular and unjust federal war on marijuana may be having the... [Read More]
Walmart Inc. announced plans Tuesday morning to donate more than $22 million to improve Northwest Arkansas organizations that advocate for and promote the arts, recreation... [Read More]
The United States and China edged closer Tuesday to triggering a trade war, with President Donald Trump signaling skepticism that talks with China would help... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence has proved itself adept at some of humanity's favorite games, from chess to the much more complex board game Go. Now, a machine... [Read More]
With regularity, your trusty scribe watches soccer. [Read More]
Of all the great mysteries you may come across in your summer reading the next couple of months, the Curious Case of Earl Thomas won't... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Steve Womack unveiled a budget blueprint Tuesday that he said would prevent trillions of dollars of additional deficit spending over the next decade... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's administration issued a new rule Tuesday to make it easier for small businesses to band together and set up health insurance plans... [Read More]
The next phase of a long-range plan to modernize the passenger facilities at the state's largest airport fell victim to a lack of institutional knowledge... [Read More]
U.S. immigration agents are seizing children from parents at the southern border. Italy's new populist coalition is forcing refugees to turn elsewhere. An anti-migrant backlash... [Read More]
Persistent storms claimed another game at the College World Series on Tuesday night. [Read More]
Johendi Jiminian allowed five hits over six-plus innings and the Arkansas Travelers clinched the Texas League North Division championship with a 7-1 victory over the... [Read More]
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Frakes, Benson win championship... [Read More]
Beaver Lake may be the Capistrano of Arkansas. The swallows always return. [Read More]
In the weeks since the Trump administration instituted a zero-tolerance policy that seeks to criminally prosecute anyone who crosses the border unlawfully and effectively causes... [Read More]
The world's two biggest economies threatened punishing tariffs in the opening shots of a trade war, with Beijing vowing to retaliate "forcefully" against President Donald... [Read More]
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