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Benito Lubazibwa is working to be a game-changer in Little Rock — expanding the city's cultural horizons, aiding small and budding entrepreneurs, and contributing to... [Read More]
Q My daughter is grounded for a month because of her lying and missing school work. Should she be able to go to her biological... [Read More]
She has worked with Donald Glover, has been featured on NPR, in Rolling Stone, and praised by, and now Kari Faux returns for a... [Read More]
"I used to be behind a desk," Jordan Klepper says in his new and surprisingly affecting Comedy Central series, which debuted May 9. [Read More]
Q My 7-year-old son, an only child, is giving me fits. He's overly active and will not cooperate in any instruction I give him. In... [Read More]
Someone sent me an email about a gas station in South Africa, where the owner posts daily "inspirational" quotes on a chalkboard in plain view... [Read More]
B+ Rodrigo y Gabriela... [Read More]
The 16 tombstones of Civil War veterans, only a few bearing fully legible inscriptions, surround an obelisk topped with a stone cannonball in Judsonia's Evergreen... [Read More]
DEAR CAROLYN: Recently my daughter and son-in-law were staying at my home. My husband was away. After an enjoyable evening out, we came home and... [Read More]
1. To make changes to a document... [Read More]
The City Council agreed Monday night to pay for new dashboard cameras for the Police Department with money from the city's general operating fund. [Read More]
The School Board approved a program Monday to provide students in grades five through 12 the option of getting all of their schooling online. [Read More]
A new mural could be painted on a downtown parking deck as early as this summer. [Read More]
Authorities said they recovered the body of an 8-year-old girl Monday morning after she was swept downstream while swimming in a river in Pope County. [Read More]
Sundays and Monday's photo gallery includes photos form the Ronnie Floyd's last sermon as paster at Cross Church, Square to Square bicycle ride and the... [Read More]
The Bureau of Legislative Research is looking for a consultant to help study the state Department of Transportation. [Read More]
The scent of lily of the valley cannot be easily bottled. For decades companies that make soap, lotions and perfumes have relied on a chemical... [Read More]
Here's a joke from Page 4 of the Nov. 10, 1829, Arkansas Gazette:... [Read More]
An active life is not without risk. Those who choose to engage in regular exercise or participate in recreational sports will get injured at some... [Read More]
Because the one thing this language needs is more words, here are a few just-for-fun coined by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette staff members:... [Read More]