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Former Sen. Jon Woods and two others indicted in a kickback scheme go before a U.S. magistrate for arraignment this afternoon. [Read More]
A decision by city officials may help residents have confidence in the safety of their water when they drink from the tap or start to... [Read More]
The bus shelter at Northwest Arkansas Mall, one of several transfer stations shared by Ozark Regional Transit and Razorback Transit, is being moved, transit officials... [Read More]
A Springdale man's federal firearm conviction was thrown out by an appeals court Monday, and he will be resentenced on drug convictions. [Read More]
The City Council authorized an agreement with Gould Evans to develop a plan to guide the city during its Monday meeting. [Read More]
The city's planning staff, rather than the Planning Commission, could soon handle permits for mobile vendors. [Read More]
A former Gravette teacher was sentenced to six years in the Arkansas Department of Correction after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two boys. [Read More]
Fire once did the work that chain saws do now to bring glades back to Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area east of Rogers. [Read More]
Three days of rain was a welcome event for nearly everyone during a dry spell one spring a few years back. Gardeners smiled. So did... [Read More]
Hikes, birding trips, bike rides and more are part of Al Knox Trails Day on Saturday at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. [Read More]
Eighty sporter division and eight precision division shooters from across the state competed in the 19th annual Arkansas American Legion Junior Olympic Three-Position Air Rifle... [Read More]
BEAVER LAKE Striped bass fishing is good in the Point 12 area, said Mike Whitehouse at Hickory Creek Marina. [Read More]
Anyone paying attention to the news during the last election must know there were reports of people not able to vote in numerous states for... [Read More]
It would be inspiring if all Arkansas lawmakers, like the women, men and children of Lake Wobegon, were all strong, good-looking and above average. We'd... [Read More]
The oil industry's history is punctuated with boom-and-bust cycles that create and erase fortunes and drive economies. [Read More]
Coach Mike Anderson is confident the Arkansas Razorbacks are back to being NCAA Tournament regulars. [Read More]
For 40 minutes, it was two of the most storied basketball programs in college basketball going at it like heavyweights with multiple titles on the... [Read More]
The 17-under Arkansas Hawks' five Razorbacks commitments will be reunited at the Real Deal in the Rock basketball tournament in Little Rock this weekend, and... [Read More]
Whether or not you like ABC's Imaginary Mary will depend, in large part, on just how much of a fan you are of Jenna Elfman. [Read More]
Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake. Are you trying to kill us, guy? Only an omnipresence this drunk on his own blood, sweat and tears could... [Read More]