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…because "the movies and network news have become tools of the globalist agenda".  MAINSTREAM exposes this, and more. Find out how and why the "mainstream... [Read More]
WILL THE URANIUM ONE SCANDAL FINALLY TAKE DOWN THE CLINTON FOUNDATION? by Shari Dovale Uranium One has finally hit the national media stage. It is a... [Read More]
Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipient Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez shares the true meaning of our flag. I filmed this in the early 1990's when... [Read More]
If you watch one thing today, let it be this. #thestory Posted by Martha MacCallum on Thursday, October 19, 2017 H/T Martha MacCallum    ... [Read More]
By Dan Lyman    10-19-2017 A top investigator at Judicial Watch is warning that the United States is teetering on the verge of becoming a failed... [Read More]
Part 1) As I continue on my series about Draining the Swamp, we can celebrate some successes. The NFL is reeling, hurt by plummeting ticket... [Read More]
In Part IV of their American Pravda series, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas do an undercover interview of a 20-year employee of the New York... [Read More]
Video Shows Where Puerto Rico's Aid Went(Spoiler: It's In A Dumpster In Puerto Rico) In light of the outcry from one particularly vocal Democratic mayor... [Read More]
South Dakota and Ohio National Guard are converting non-potable water into safe potable water for residents in Comerío, Puerto Rico.       From: PR informa... [Read More]
We Americans put up with a lot if crap, but we have our limits. The NFL has pushed beyond those limits, and is now suffering... [Read More]
"There is a reasonable and constitutional compromise that can be made regarding the Second Amendment," the CNN summary for its "A Modest Proposal on Guns"... [Read More]
The NFL just can't stop shooting itself in the foot. According to ESPN, the NFL has agreed to fund a 'social activism boot camp' for... [Read More]
In Part III of its American Pravda series, Project Veritas shows New York Times London Senior Staff Editor Desiree Shoe, being candid about the liberal... [Read More]
Mike Kerr of Hear the Watchmen interviews Billy Simmons, Oath Keepers Board Member. They discuss the difficulties in getting donated disaster relief supplies to the volunteers... [Read More]
The Oath keepers disaster relief team is on the ground in Aguadilla and the surrounding towns. The needs are clear. We need your help. Please... [Read More]
Water desalination operation Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. So cool, they take ocean water in and make it potable water! Thanks PR National Guard! God Bless PR! ... [Read More]
Over the past two seasons, the NFL, and its players, have disrespected the National Anthem, the Flag, the military and the citizens of the USA,... [Read More]
This article comes from Over five days, the cluster of wildfires that've broken out in California's wine country have claimed at least 31 lives... [Read More]
The vile slanders and smears of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Below is Prager U's new video on how the SPLC is the "anti-hate" group... [Read More]
"Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Wednesday the Trump administration should move quickly to ban 'bump stocks'– a device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting that allows... [Read More]
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