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Ivan Salazar knew his role in "Stomp" would be physical.It's part of the reason he wan ... [Read More]
Jenny Hanivers date back to the 16th century, and are still collected today. [Read More]
Thousands of books, audio/visual items, gift books, and special features will be filling every nook and cranny of the Longmont Public Library's meeting rooms, conference... [Read More]
Roughly a decade ago, the OxyMorons improv troupe created a presence in Asheville, N.C., with standing-room-only comedy nights at the Area 45 Theatre. [Read More]
Theater fans and comedy lovers will delight in Delta Center Stage's upcoming production of "Sister Act," which opens this week at E.E. Bass Cultural Arts... [Read More]
The comics in today's edition were intended for the Feb. 25 edition. The comics for Feb. 18 will appear in next week's Sun Journal. We... [Read More]
"Rolling to You," the feature debut of French comedy fixture Franck Dubosc ("Camping"), has lured a raft of distributors worldwide at the EFM where Gaumont... [Read More]
"The Odd Couple," 7 p.m. Feb. 26 and 27, Lofte Community Theatre, Manley, Nebraska. Roles are available for six men and two women, all age... [Read More]
It's not because they're inconvenient. [Read More]
"Black Panther" debuted Friday; here are the best "Black Panther" comics to supplement your film-going experience. [Read More]
        ... [Read More]
Just because a man likes his clothes to fit, doesn't mean he's gay. Jordan Carlos points out such things in his stand-up shows, for those... [Read More]
Pacific cruise liner brawl sends guests fleeing to cabins... [Read More]
A man who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030 said he has come back to the year 2018 to tell us... [Read More]
It's usually not a good sign when the pianist, the guy who was supposed to provide the fireworks at last night's Rhode Island Philharmonic concert... [Read More]
President Donald Trump fired off a rare late-night tweet on Saturday blaming the FBI's attention to Russian meddling in the 2016 election for the massacre... [Read More]
This is not shuffleboard on a sheet of ice. The sport is dynamic, precise, tactical and athletic. This Seattle arena is the epicenter of curling... [Read More]
Two Memphians raised $2,400 to send about 150 kids to the movies to see people on screen who look like them. [Read More]
Police in western Germany have freed two men who became entangled with a mannequin and a large, remote controlled car. Officers were called after cries... [Read More]
Police in western Germany have freed two men who became entangled with a mannequin and a large, remote-controlled car. [Read More]