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MILWAUKEE — For job seekers, a majority of the hunting and hiring process takes place online these days. However, sometimes the job you're applying for isn't what you think. Online job scams are becoming... [Read More]
A chuckle or two can help keep you in the spirit of the new year as 2017 continues to unfold. So, with that In mind, consider taking in a comedy show to lift... [Read More]
Spring 2017 has a funny line-up of comedians who have been around the block making people laugh, think and laugh some more. [Read More]
Shyamalan is able to weave a comedy and tension with enough tact to make 'Split' far more emotionally compelling than one would think superficially. [Read More]
God bless the elderly... [Read More]
It didn't take long for Donald Trump and his press team to fulfill the most dire predictions made regarding his hostility toward the media. During his campaign, alarmed press advocates called him out... [Read More]
The innings finished in bizarre circumstances when Neil Wagner was run out for 26. He turned for two, completed his second run and got bat behind the line when wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan backhanded... [Read More]
Yeah. Dippin' Dots. [Read More]
Sean Spicer became a household name yesterday when he attacked the media, and anyone retweeting memes, for their lack of "facts" regarding President Trump's inauguration attendance. While mostly political, rare tweets from Twitter... [Read More]
Imagine a mix of live "Parks & Rec" meets standup meets talk show meets zine. [Read More]
Here's a sweet photo of a smiling, bearded man in a snapback posing with his hands tenderly on his baby bump in an outdoor nature setting - well, kind of. [Read More]
Mayor loves his team: He's booted after protesting a call... [Read More]
OPINION: I can't remember when it was that I realised I have a serious problem where Heidi Klum is concerned. [Read More]
A drone operator in Florida said he was trying to capture video of boats when he stumbled on a more shocking sight -- sharks swimming around oblivious surfers. [Read More]
A man breaks into a store in Lubbock and makes off with the cash. And, something else he may need in an emergency. [Read More]
COUNTRYFILE viewers were left bewildered tonight as Adam Henson appeared to put on a bizarre new accent. [Read More]
Staff donned scuba gear to take the plunge with brushes in hand for the weeklong scrub down... [Read More]
Critics of DC Comics movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman have complained that the films have been too dark. While the new TV show, Powerless, may not be what they... [Read More]
California Chrome co-owner Perry Martin began his acceptance speech for Horse of the Year at last night's Eclipse Awards with a modest declaration: "Everyone told me I did a wonderful job, so I'd... [Read More]
We break down the major players in Riverdale and how they've changed from the classic Archie comic books. [Read More]