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Let's talk about the 2020 election. Will Joe Deters run again for Hamilton County prosecutor? And if he does, can he win in the blue-leaning... [Read More]
Wine + Walk at Sharon Woods and Thanksgiving on the Ohio Frontier are among upcoming events... [Read More]
The lack of reliable public transportation is a public health issue, a local health commissioner says, and he's pushing for expanded access to transit in... [Read More]
Ranked 10th most generous in Ohio in 2016        ... [Read More]
Hamilton County Reentry helps opioid-addicted women get back to work after release, with certification program behind bars.        ... [Read More]
The day after the election, it was a local county commissioner race political circles in Hamilton County buzzed about.        ... [Read More]
A woman has been charged after an alleged stabbing Wednesday morning in the Villiage of North Bend, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil said.       ... [Read More]
Voter turnout statewide, including Hamilton County, was the highest for a midterm election since 1994.        ... [Read More]
Judges endorsed by the Democratic Party grabbed two Ohio Supreme Court seats, three 1st District Court of Appeals seats and two seats on the Hamilton... [Read More]
Democratic challenger Stephanie Summerow Dumas won the race for Hamilton County commission by about 9,000 votes in Tuesday's election. Her victory means Democrats hold all... [Read More]
Results: Stephanie Summerow Dumas wins Hamilton County commission seat        ... [Read More]
Stephanie Summerow Dumas has toppled incumbent Republican Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel... [Read More]
Norwood voters signed on to a ballot initiative that would lift penalties on possession of marijuana in the Hamilton County city.        ... [Read More]
Find out who won the key races in the midterm election.        ... [Read More]
While the flood of voters could bode well for Democrats, a closer look at turnout patterns shows the picture is more complicated... [Read More]
Hamilton County elections officials say they didn't intend to turn on a feature that notifies voters if they didn't complete their ballot.        ... [Read More]
Elections officials tried to make things easier for voters by letting them know their ballot was incomplete. It didn't really work out.        ... [Read More]
Track the county's percentage until the polls close.        ... [Read More]
By the time all is said and done, the 2018 midterm election in Hamilton County will have likely drawn almost as many early voters as... [Read More]