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HONOLULU: A false alarm that warned of a ballistic missile headed for Hawaii sent the islands into a panic Saturday, with people abandoning cars in... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: Sometimes diplomacy is the art of going in two directions at once, and the Trump administration seems to have chosen that sweet spot of... [Read More]
For the 16th year in a row, North Korea tops the list of 50 countries ranked for the worst persecution of Christians in the world,... [Read More]
Also, Trump-Russia inquiry: President says he is unlikely to be interviewed; Canada increasingly convinced Trump will pull out of NAFTA; Trump expresses 'openness to holding... [Read More]
WASHINGTON Trump open to Korea talks President Donald Trump threw his weight behind the Olympics-inspired diplomatic opening with North Korea, telling South Korea's leader Wednesday... [Read More]
The New Year has begun without a bang, at least of the nuclear weapons variety. We can all be thankful the apocalyptic bluster from the... [Read More]
Also, Feud over Trump dossier intensifies with release of interview transcript; Deadly rains in Southern California send rivers of mud into homes, trigger fire, flooding;... [Read More]
The border between North Korea and South Korea is one of the most heavily guarded in the world. And I visited it. [Read More]
South Korea Formal talks begin with North Senior officials from North and South Korea began the rivals' first formal talks in about two years Tuesday... [Read More]
By Jack Torry Washington Bureau Former House... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump's U.N. ambassador said Sunday the administration isn't changing its conditions regarding talks with North Korea amid growing tensions over the North's... [Read More]
Keith Burris and Wynne Everett also discuss recent developments in Iran and North Korea. [Read More]
A second Korean War should be unthinkable. Beyond the North's burgeoning nuclear program, the rogue nation has thousands of pieces of artillery pointed at Seoul,... [Read More]
The latest video headlines AP News Minute report for Thursday, January 4th: Big winter storm moves into northeast; Japan says it will help US pressure... [Read More]
Nuclear alien UFOs from North Korea, Mexican fish orgies, hot messes in Florida, a very green Christmas ruined and an unfortunate celebrity Tokyo U-turn... [Read More]
By HYUNG-JIN KIM Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea on Tuesday offered high-level talks with rival North Korea to find ways to cooperate... [Read More]
Trump tweets about North Korea President Trump asks if someone from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's "depleted and food starved regime" can "please inform... [Read More]
The latest top stories in this headline news video report for Tuesday, January 2nd: More protests in Iran turn deadly; South Korea invites North Korea... [Read More]
SEOUL, South Korea: Kim Jong Un on Monday repeated claims that he could hit the U.S. with a nuclear weapon, saying that its deterrent is... [Read More]
President's New Year's message Trump caps 2017 with a 3½-minute video touching on what he considers the high points of his achievements from his first... [Read More]