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Another fool's errand mocking President Trump: Lots of writers are laughing at our soldiers being used to guard our border. Did they laugh when President... [Read More]
Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio said Sunday he's still mulling the "intensely personal decision" of whether to run for president in 2020, though he's already... [Read More]
Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio said Sunday he's still mulling the "intensely personal decision" of whether to run for president in 2020, though he's already... [Read More]
Youngstown, Ohio's #1 Locally owned, locally connected television news station. [Read More]
President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin looked glum in France at the meeting last week of world leaders marking 100 years since World War... [Read More]
If Democrats are trying to reassure anyone that they won't impeach President Trump, they're aren't doing a very good job of it. [Read More]
I was perplexed by the New York Times editorial "Let CNN's Jim Acosta do his job" in Monday's Dispatch. Like most opinions of the Times... [Read More]
It's been two weeks since the midterm election, which produced the highest percentage of eligible-voter turnout in a century. Analysts will hash over... [Read More]
President Trump says he will nominate an Ohio-native and Case Western Reserve University graduate to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Andrew Wheeler, a former congressional... [Read More]
Ohio native Andrew Wheeler will get the nod from President Donald Trump to head the Environmental Protection Agency, a position that he served as in... [Read More]
To the Editor:While President Trump is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a non... [Read More]
God bless Sen. Jeff Flake. R-Ariz., for his efforts to protect the Mueller investigation from President Trump's political hack attorney general. God bless the American... [Read More]
It's time for all media outlets that President Trump considers fake to stop reporting on him. It won't take long for him to change his... [Read More]
President Donald Trump tapped Andrew Wheeler to be administrator of the U.S. [Read More]
President Trump: The White House is running very smoothly; Ohio governor and 2016 candidate takes another trip to New Hampshire. [Read More]
Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, who is weighing a possible challenge to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as speaker of the incoming Democratic House, has previously supported... [Read More]
A 27-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of threatening to harm President Donald Trump, a police chief and other law enforcement officers has been indicted on a... [Read More]
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said he has encouraged President Trump to press top House Republicans to pick Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a former House Freedom... [Read More]
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who was re-elected to his third term, said Democrats need to challenge President Trump's phony populism and support the working class.... [Read More]
CLEVELAND-- A suspect arrested after a manhunt in Northeast Ohio was indicted on federal firearms charges. Shawn Christy, 27, Macadoo, Pennsylvania, was charged with one... [Read More]