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Critics say the plan isn't stringent enough to guarantee public is protected. [Read More]
Onondaga County issues guidance on electioneering after recent U.S. Supreme Court decision... [Read More]
Restaurant inspections from June 3 to 9... [Read More]
County Executive Joanie Mahoney has announced that seven villages have signed up to use Onondaga County's Tax Collection Software system. The software is... [Read More]
County Executive Joanie Mahoney asks County Legislature to release $10,000 in contingency funds for Jazz in the City Series. [Read More]
Governor Rick Snyder doesn't want people to cancel travel plans to the Upper Peninsula this summer. [Read More]
The 54th annual Midwest League All Star Game was held Tuesday night at Cooley Law School Stadium. [Read More]
An ordinary walk around a Detroit-area neighborhood could've ended in a tragedy if it wasn't for a quick thinking 3-year-old. [Read More]
Jackson County Residents are fed up with piles of garbage being dumped near donations bins. [Read More]
Animal control under investigation, the disturbing allegations against the Ingham County Animal Shelter and the outcome of an investigation by the Michigan Humane Society. [Read More]
People in Mid-Michigan have been finding letters addressed to them from a man they don't know, and many are weirded out by it. [Read More]
VP Pence visits CNY... [Read More]
A school safety video is going to be filmed at Holt High School on Wednesday, June 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. [Read More]
He was a National League ump from 1973 through 1992... [Read More]
Greg Robinson was a 2014 first round draft pick... [Read More]
Colombia loses to the Japanese Tuesday 2-1... [Read More]
East Lansing's Tom Hunt is in the group... [Read More]