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Article: Whitehouse for the White House - Who is Senator Whitehouse? He gives clear information on how money works in 'buying' the Supreme Court. He... [Read More]
Article: Lithuania disagrees with Germany - German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Lithuania last week. This country always was a reliable partner. Germany supported Lithuania on... [Read More]
Article: Bakker/Trump: Marriage of convenience - The key to my finally understanding the evangelical embrace of Trump, the most amoral, immoral, irreligious occupant of the... [Read More]
Article: A Democratic Senate - Discussing the possibility of a Democratic Senate. [Read More]
I wait all day to fill myself with emptiness For the silent cacophny of the unseen If I knew what I wanted, I... [Read More]
Article: The Cosmic Story: Aries/Libra Full Moon, 2018 - Astrology is an art as well as a science. The Day Sky gives us Light. The... [Read More]
QuickLink: 'This Incident Did Happen': Woman Says She Knew Kavanaugh and 'Many of Us Heard About It in School' - One of the now nearly... [Read More]
Article: Why did Master Spy Robert Moss Secretly become a Dream Coach Guru? - There is no mention on Moss's website that before he turned... [Read More]
Article: Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv - Apostasy and Possible Holy War in Europe - The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was started in the 1920's to glorify the... [Read More]
Article: Ipsos/Reuters poll: Beto up by 2% while Quinnipiac Poll Texas Senate Race: Cruz up 9% - These two polls must galvanize and fire up... [Read More]
Article: The Manafort Dilemma - This op ed explores the complex federal criminal statutes that the special prosecutor and U.S. attorney are most likely focusing... [Read More]
Article: Will Students Drown in a Charter School's Ocean of Debt? - A school district should ensure that they understand the financial condition of charters... [Read More]
Donald Trump and the Republicans are using a back door, an ACA loophole to bring back junk health insurance policies. These insurance policies only work... [Read More]
Donald Trump and the Republicans are using a back door, an ACA loophole to bring back junk health insurance policies. These insurance policies only work... [Read More]
Article: Justice Dept Likely to Slow-Walk Declassification - Don't hold your breath. While the media is breathlessly describing yesterday's order by President Donald Trump's 'to... [Read More]
Article: How Editing Our Past Changes Our Future - Changing the past changes your future. But how do you change the past? [Read More]
Article: Carthago Delenda Est - John McCain once proposed 'A League of Democracies'. The man has passed away, but ideas seldom die. It is a... [Read More]
Article: Is Our Love Of Technology Fueling An Anxiety Epidemic? - Are we contributing to a rise in anxiety with our technology addiction? [Read More]
Diary: Pro-Trump ads I saw on OpEdNews - It's odd, but there are lots of pro-Trump display ads on OpEdNews. Reading the ads exposes the... [Read More]
Article: Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Weakness of Science - In a recent interview on National Pentagon Radio, Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed the interactions between... [Read More]
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