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Officials need to start talking plainly about the need for more money for Panther Island. [Read More]
Machete was denied film incentives for ruffling feathers. That could happen to Let Her Speak. And that's bad for the film industry in Texas. [Read More]
It's time for our leaders to listen to the kids. And do what they say.It's no secret: Our government has been inept at taking any... [Read More]
Sound Off is a recurring featuring appearing in Sunday editions of The News Courier. Those wishing to sound off should email comments to Published... [Read More]
Why is the GOP opposed to DACA? [Read More]
My family and I are full-time Hilton Head Island property owners. We have lived here since 2013. [Read More]
AAA announced its Four Diamond ratings this week, and two — yes, two! — local restaurants received that coveted award. [Read More]
Vested interests behind distorted Brexit reporting in British newspapers... [Read More]
Passing unsustainable bank debt burden to another generation will not help... [Read More]
Thumbs up to a bevy of rapid first responders who saved the life of high school basketball referee Mark Strosnider when he suffered a heart... [Read More]
Over the last three months dozens of Skagit citizens have addressed the county commissioners during the weekly public comment period, expressing their concerns about the... [Read More]
Using any rational science-driven logic, farm-raised salmon pens should not be allowed to desecrate Washington's marine resources. [Read More]
I do not feel that assault rifles should be banned. Mass killings are going on with the use of other weapons.People are killing and injuring... [Read More]
Judge Mike Cummins, who is challenging DA Dan Dow, says Trib columnist Andrea Seastrand is attempting to distract voters from the real campaign issues. [Read More]
Humour certainly evolves, but the unseemly alliance of comedians, politicians and news media now flourishing flies contrary to the anti-establishment trails blazed by generations of... [Read More]
I'm writing to express my deep thanks to the Maine Legislature for passing a joint resolution urging the president to exclude Maine from offshore oil... [Read More]
I was very sad to read the Feb. 13 letter "Enough with networks' coverage of the weather," written by Scott Grant of New Gloucester. ... [Read More]
Yes, there is such a thing as a Newfoundland robin: Turdus migratorius nigrideus. As the name suggests, it lives in Newfoundland and nests there. It... [Read More]
A universal message about understanding power and using it for good is always welcome. [Read More]