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A major foreign adventure and a sweeping political reform are the Kremlin's tried and tested options. [Read More]
President Barack Obama famously boasted that elections have consequences. Apparently, Democrats believe that applies only when their party prevails. [Read More]
There has been a lot of debate and rhetoric lately on whether our actions in school should play a role in our future lives. I... [Read More]
Texas prosecutors should stop seeking the death penalty because the justice system has flaws and the death penalty doesn't make our communities safer. [Read More]
When looking over the field of candidates vying for local district seats in the Florida Legislature this November, it's difficult to find anyone more experienced... [Read More]
The Palm Beach County coast, from the bottom of Boca Raton to the top of Palm Beach Shores, is a single, beanpole-shaped district in the... [Read More]
Voters have a chance on the November ballot to correct a fundamental injustice and erase a stain on the state of Florida. To do something... [Read More]
The constitutional amendments on the November ballot include three proposed by the Florida Legislature.All involve taxation, and — if 60 percent of voters approve them... [Read More]
From what I have learned about boarding school and college life during the recent Brett M. Kavanaugh background investigation I am suddenly, and perhaps for... [Read More]
The November ballot confronts voters with 12 proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution (there were 13 but the state Supreme Court yanked Amendment 8 for... [Read More]
Irish Times view on the EU summit: worrying weeks ahead as shape of Brexit remains unclear ... [Read More]
Nationalist rhetoric at odds with decades-long internationalist exploration... [Read More]
Jamal Khashoggi deserves justice if Saudi Arabia is responsible for his death. [Read More]
Our genetic code cannot be treated as a matter of simple fractions. [Read More]
No, starfish are not saved one by one. [Read More]
A man who fell to the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft in Arizona is lucky to be alive, the head of a volunteer rescue... [Read More]
When I read the letter to the editor "Confederacy issue is distorted" (The Daily Progress, Sept. 12), I felt that the writer was speaking for... [Read More]
The fight between incumbent Claire McCaskill and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. [Read More]
City Councilman Jermaine Reed and City Manager Troy Schulte should know tax revenue for East Side development can't be used for 18th & Vine without... [Read More]
Five former Kansas City Public Schools students or recent graduates have been shot and killed in 2018. All were minorities. At least seven other current... [Read More]