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Low-barrier shelter would make our problem worse. Can't trust Jerry Brown with gas taxes. Josh Harder betrays his party's ideals... [Read More]
It is easy to blame construction projects and farmers for runoff into the rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. They are the big land disturbers but... [Read More]
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The answer is to cast more LGBT people period — in any type of role, argues Emma Teitel. [Read More]
White Supremacists were supposed to descend upon Washington, D.C. this past weekend for a demonstration commemorating the anniversary of last year's deadly "Unite the Right"... [Read More]
The Trump administration cut the steep 32-percent tariff it imposed on the newsprint industry earlier this year. [Read More]
OUR VIEWLast Sunday evening, when most people throughout central Illinois were at home quietly preparing for the new work week, a tragedy occurred. A 37-year-old... [Read More]
Politicians often grumble about journalists. But President Donald Trump has upped the ante to a level unprecedented in modern times. No, the press is not... [Read More]
Letters to the Editor... [Read More]
Space Force? Uh, I don't think so. Given who's proposing this fiasco, "SPACE FARCE" would be much better. [Read More]
The rhetoric has all the earmarks of incitement, not just to violence - though disturbingly that - but to something just as pernicious to a... [Read More]
Fundraising is now underway on a $40 million library and think tank in honor of retiring U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, to be located on... [Read More]
How does the Star decide what is important local news and what is not? Recently, the Star provided broad coverage of Pima Community College's decision... [Read More]
Police say he traveled with trucker after meeting on Tinder app. Trucker says teen said he was 19, police say. [Read More]
Former Assemblyman Matt Dababneh (D-Woodland Hills) filed a defamation suit against a lobbyist who publicly accused him in December of forcing her into a bathroom... [Read More]
There's a new disturbing trend in plastic surgery called Snapchat dysmorphia. [Read More]
A former Missouri state trooper who was driving a boat when a handcuffed Iowa man fell out and drowned is suing to get his peace... [Read More]