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As President Donald Trump's partial government shutdown continues to imperil public safety and slow the economy, while unfairly affecting more than 800,000 federal workers, Congress'... [Read More]
I've always explained chutzpah as a child who murders his parents and then asks the court for leniency because he's an orphan. Vice President Mike... [Read More]
He was, like Calvin Coolidge, an introvert. He was, like Theodore Roosevelt, a battler. He was, like Bill Clinton, a policy wonk. He was, like... [Read More]
From fiscal policy, to trade, to war — when you look at what Trump has actually done, he's the most left-wing president the U.S. has... [Read More]
As the first month of the new year begins, it's unclear how well President Donald Trump grasps the altered political reality he faces. Indeed, using... [Read More]
Donald Trump is a lousy teleprompter reader. His fake crisis speech from the Oval Office was clearly the product of his handlers telling him in... [Read More]
We're not so naïve as to think politicians or lawyers are the guardians of the English language. When it comes to those two job descriptions,... [Read More]
In the wake of his unprecedented campaign and unexpected election, the question always was: What would come after Donald Trump? What were the consequences of... [Read More]
A rare rebuff by the Justice Department's Special Counsel's Office to a BuzzFeed report on President Donald Trump -- calling it "not accurate" -- has... [Read More]
A lot of Republicans still believe in the power of competition. A poll in November indicated that 40 percent of them, and 72 percent... [Read More]
The news that the FBI opened an investigation in 2017 as to whether President Donald Trump was actually working for the Russians shouldn't have come... [Read More]
COMMENT: Democrats have an opening to put forth their own agenda, writes Greg Sargent... [Read More]
I continue to be amazed by the American citizens who continue to voice support for President Donald Trump. The evidence is mounting about certain aspects... [Read More]
The Senate is set to vote Thursday on two bills to reopen the federal government. It will be the chamber's first action since the partial... [Read More]
Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, the new chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, is in a unique position. He's one of the few members of Congress... [Read More]
Scour the history books and you will struggle to find an act of imperialism more brazen than US President Donald Trump's de-recognition of Nicolas Maduro... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants to negotiate a deal over border security before reopening the government. Congressional Democrats, many of whom support tougher border security measures... [Read More]
Many journalists and economists have been commenting on the ups and downs of the stock market. Democrats especially have noted how President Donald Trump took... [Read More]
The continuing government shutdown is a dangerous disgrace that is perplexing to observe, particularly for people outside the US. But as in many other instances,... [Read More]
One letter writer sees the prices at the gasoline pump as one thing opponents of President Donald Trump can't pin on problems they perceive with... [Read More]