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Ratings firm Moody's recently dropped a bombshell report showing that rising wealth and income inequality in the United States will likely lead to lower income... [Read More]
Most of the protected cemeteries are in the North, in places far removed from the Confederacy. [Read More]
The federal government announced a 2.8 percent Social Security cost-of-living adjustment for 2019, the largest increase since 2012. [Read More]
To the editor: I have been a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court for many years, and the court's stature is important to... [Read More]
INFORUM We were pleased to see postal workers and supporters turn out for the "US Mail is Not for Sale" rally on Monday, Oct. 8.... [Read More]
There is a myth that solar energy is commonplace only because it is being subsidized by the federal government. But government subsidies are commonplace in... [Read More]
In designing the structure of our Federal government, our founding fathers settled on a bicameral legislature consisting of a Senate and a House of Representatives,... [Read More]
Experience matters, now more than ever. That's why I'll be voting for Democrat Janet Mills for governor. The state of Maine is at a crossroads.... [Read More]
Kavanaugh's confirmation adds to a growing pile of evidence that the federal government does not serve the people it is supposed to represent. [Read More]
Today, the federal government celebrates the holiday currently recognized as Columbus Day. [Read More]
THE IDEA of helping the lower middle-class by using the federal government to encourage home ownership is, to put it mildly, out of favor. [Read More]
There is a myth that solar energy is commonplace only because it is being subsidized by the federal government.But government subsidies are commonplace in the... [Read More]
Mohave County, at 13,461 square miles, is the fifth largest county in the United States. Much of the land here is owned by the federal... [Read More]
I am all for the federal government's ban cannabis; they are right now. [Read More]
There have been few times in our nation's history that could match the extreme disgust there is in our federal government after what happened last... [Read More]
California has a new law, and it took the federal government only a few minutes after its creation to launch a legal challenge. [Read More]
In deciding that the federal government had the right to keep new uranium mines from a broad area around the Grand Canyon, the U.S. Supreme... [Read More]
I have been thinking about running for a high political office in our federal government. However, I have something I must reveal about my past... [Read More]
This effort to ease the effects of a warming planet may seem small considering the global threat but they are essential in a time when... [Read More]