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who'd like to see government reduced to the size "where we can drown it in the bathtub" [Read More]
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The blame for the shutdown of the federal government is being unfairly laid at the Democrats' feet. President Donald Trump had two years with Republicans... [Read More]
It's the federal government's longstanding policy to pay no ransom for hostages and to discourage others from doing so. The reason: one successful shakedown inevitably... [Read More]
Let's pause from the chaos of the U.S. federal government — with its breakdowns and shutdowns — the volatility of the stock market and the... [Read More]
AS THE FEDERAL government shutdown drags on — and without a glimmer of hope it will end anytime soon — the thousands of workers affected... [Read More]
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It's time to end with shutdown. It's gone on longer than most thought it would, and that's too long. Don't hold the federal government's operations... [Read More]
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Washington, D.C. is 1,800 miles from Taos County. But decisions made in the nation's Capitol — like shutting down the federal government over a border... [Read More]
I commend you for your responsible coverage of the federal government shutdown. Among the many issues of concern with the shutdown is the effect it... [Read More]
The word train-wreck could be fairly used to describe our current federal government budgeting process.It wasn't designed to be a train-wreck. The Budget Act of... [Read More]
As a Cherokee, I'm familiar with the trust responsibility of the federal government to Native Americans. Tribal Nations are sovereign governments that have a unique... [Read More]
to the streets! Employees at the Johnson Space Center lined up outside the NASA HQ on Tuesday to protest the ongoing federal government shutdown, which... [Read More]