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Ohio's K-12 school-year calendar goes something like this: The state fair ends. School bells ring. Property tax levies flutter onto November's ballot.Eye-opening research released last... [Read More]
The Missouri General Assembly needs to pass a stand-alone gasoline tax increase to make a long-overdue down payment on road maintenance. [Read More]
The General Assembly is home free unless voters tell state senators and representatives to stop Statehouse grandstanding over school funding and, more than 20 years... [Read More]
Last month Gov. Dannel Malloy issued an Executive Order requesting to spend $10,000,000 for a "study" about electronic tolling on our highways in Connecticut. He... [Read More]
Gambling legislation is headed for the Kentucky General Assembly again. And again it has a new flavor. This time it is sports betting. [Read More]
The hours and day long waits for North Carolina driver's licenses are costing people lost wages and has become dangerous as fights break out. The... [Read More]
Lest we forget, all the way back in 1998 the Ohio Supreme Court found that the state's method of funding for public schools was unconstitutional,... [Read More]