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In the last couple days, Hillary Clinton did an interview in which she said "Democrats can no longer be civil with Republicans." Then just recently,... [Read More]
Trump is experiencing a ratings slump, Taylor Swift has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton and more in midterm talk from the comics.      ... [Read More]
One measure of the effectiveness of a political movement is how it changes its opposition. And Donald Trump is in the process of driving portions... [Read More]
The Democratic Party of Bill and Hillary Clinton, President Obama and George Soros has moved to far to the left it is alarming. [Read More]
For Republicans, Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time she does an interview, she offends at least half the country. Even... [Read More]
Like some baby boomer nostalgia act that doesn't know when to hang it up, Bill and Hillary Clinton are going on tour. [Read More]
Senator Heidi Heitkamp says she disagrees with erstwhile presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's claim in a CNN interview that, "You cannot be civil with a political party that... [Read More]
If Donald Trump had not run, there would have been 16 candidates. One would have won the primary. None would have beaten Hillary Clinton. Today... [Read More]
I would like to ask the Rev. Tony Joseph how he found out Hillary Clinton was crooked, as he stated in his letter ('Letter-writer wrong... [Read More]
For everyone who detests Hillary Clinton for being overly ambitious and aggressive in her determination to reach higher I give you Bret Kavanaugh. [Read More]
Judge Kavanaugh gave Democratic senators an unexpected gift during his opening statement when he went into a brief, incomprehensible, political rant about a Democratic/liberal, conspiracy... [Read More]
After catching heat for not speaking out in support of either Hillary Clinton (or her opponent) in the 2016 election, Taylor Swift has attempted to... [Read More]
THE WRITER of the Oct. 3 letter "Nominate Clinton" suggested that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court... [Read More]
"I Am an Independent, Impartial Judge." Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who last week accused Democrats of plotting a political hit job against him on... [Read More]
Observer readers comment on the Texas Board of Education, Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller, Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, President Trump, Democrats, the NFL, the Carolina... [Read More]
In a recent Associated Press article in your paper ("Jesuits, Yale Law and ABA back away from Kavanaugh"), the AP conveniently forgot to mention that... [Read More]
After decades of being a Republican stronghold, San Diego County has been slowly shifting to the left over the course of the last 10 years.... [Read More]