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Speaker of the U.S. House Paul Ryan's response to the recent shooting massacre in Florida was "this is one of those moments where we just... [Read More]
Seventeen more people are murdered by a demented individual with a semi-automatic rifle. And what is our congressional representative, Paul Ryan, speaker of the House... [Read More]
In a press conference after the Florida high school shooting, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, stated "This is one of those moments where we... [Read More]
I have a news flash for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who believes that lawmakers should not make a "knee-jerk reaction before having all... [Read More]
roughly the size of the stimulus pushed through by Barack Obama at the trough of the recession in 2009. That's real money. There are... [Read More]
Letter: The day Paul Ryan tried to sneak into heaven- The day Paul Ryan tries to sneak into... [Read More]
In the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida, massacre, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, cautioned against "knee-jerk" gun control solutions. He used the same word... [Read More]
Tony Marasco writes that he is not scared that Donald Trump is in the Oval Office ["Not fearful of who's in the Oval Office," Feb.... [Read More]