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Just because there have been so many dubious attacks on the Russia probe — including with regards to Peter Strzok's texts — does not absolve... [Read More]
The only mystery is why Peter Strzok's firing took so long. [Read More]
Former FBI agent Peter Strzok was fired by the agency Friday, long after he should have lost his job. [Read More]
Behind the scenes, a family. [Read More]
Readers criticize the dismissal of Peter Strzok for his anti-Trump texts and discuss Omarosa Manigault Newman's recording of her getting fired. [Read More]
Both supporters and opponents of President Trump should welcome the firing of disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok, announced Monday. [Read More]
He cheated on his wife, and the Left gave him a quarter-million dollars. [Read More]
I'm confused. On the front page of Tuesday's Baltimore Sun, I see that FBI Agent Peter Strzok was fired, but by the jump, he quit... [Read More]
Peter Strzok's humiliation is a message to public servants: Here's what will happen to you if you cross the president. [Read More]
The news that the FBI fired Peter Strzok broke yesterday, and with that we can begin to see big-picture truth take shape about the bureau's... [Read More]
What the hell took so long? That's how every normal person responded to yesterday's announcement that amorous FBI agent Peter Strzok had finally been sacked.... [Read More]
Peter Strzok has been fired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That makes him the third high-ranking FBI official involved in the Russia investigation to... [Read More]
Good riddance to bad rubbish. [Read More]
Peter Strzok, the FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages to a colleague during the 2016 campaign have been cited by the president as evidence of... [Read More]
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Josh Campbell writes that while President Trump may be taking great pleasure in the firing of FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, he may also... [Read More]
Peter Strzok deserved discipline. What he got was an unceremonious termination, and a bully President taunting him about it on Twitter. [Read More]
To see a collection of work by Star Tribune editorial cartoonist Steve Sack, click here. [Read More]
I received the news with zero emotion. Former FBI senior executive Peter Strzok had been fired. [Read More]