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Journalists don't always win libel cases. But they need the protections that President Trump and Justice Thomas want to 'open up' or let states handle. [Read More]
the Vietnam War. President Trump didn't fight. Foot trouble. So brave, so brave. It seems a doctor got some grease and took care of those... [Read More]
Three years ago, I bought a trailer (that's what I do for a living) that contained some 25 antique (100- to 140-year-old) pianos, including Steinways,... [Read More]
President Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un, Feb. 27-28, reminds me that North Korea is officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. That, in turn,... [Read More]
The Tuesday Dispatch article "Jordan: Border crisis is the priority" quoted U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan saying "it's not my decision" as to what gets cut,... [Read More]
President Trump is right We do have a... [Read More]
If the goal is to build a border wall, then President Trump has made the wrong decision at every turn. In early 2018, Trump had... [Read More]
An explanation of the reasons for the national emergency by President Trump is needed... [Read More]
If President Trump stays the course on his declaration of a national emergency at the U.S. border with Mexico, which seems likely, and critics carry... [Read More]
In the eight months since President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held their first nuclear summit, Kim's government has done little to... [Read More]
"President Trump has proved himself adroit at creating villains to serve as his political foils," states The New York Times. "In his State of the... [Read More]
While President Trump's stance is unclear, his administration is urging allies to exclude Chinese products from emerging 5G networks to prevent China's potention cyber-espionage. [Read More]
Nate Beeler's political cartoon in Tuesday's State Journal was a typical cheap shot at President Donald Trump, making it look like President Trump is responsible... [Read More]
Have you noticed that President Trump is lately labeling everything with Democratic fingerprints on it as either socialist or radical? This is no accident. [Read More]
Is the country on the cusp of a major executive privilege battle over access to the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into possible collusion... [Read More]
Read news reports about the arrest last week of lunatic Coast Guard Officer Christopher Hasson and you might get the impression that he was in... [Read More]
Market observers of all political persuasions believe that President Trump's trade war with China imposes ankle weights on an otherwise fast-moving economic gazelle. It's in... [Read More]
Have you noticed? NBC Montana's treatment of national and global affairs is increasingly slanted to reflect the policies of President Trump. [Read More]
The silence was deafening but spoke volumes when Mike Pence greeted the world leaders attending the Munich Security Conference last week on behalf of President... [Read More]
In December, I thanked President Trump for ordering the removal of all U.S. troops from Syria and reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan. Unfortunately,... [Read More]