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The Trump administration can decrease global warming by improving refrigerators and air-conditioners. [Read More]
The Trump administration decided to allow year-round sales of gasoline containing higher percentages of ethanol. Critics say the move is bad for consumers and... [Read More]
Tax relief and regulatory reform measured by the Trump administration have dramatically reduced unemployment... [Read More]
New rules on the use of public spaces proposed by the Trump administration and Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke pose a grave danger to this... [Read More]
Editor, The Trump Administration is finally acknowledging the extent of the climate crisis. At the same time, a new report from the United Nations' scientific... [Read More]
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley surprised virtually everybody last week when she announced she'd be resigning from her post at the end of the year.In doing... [Read More]
Though it was old news by the time Air Force One touched down at Omaha's Eppley Airfield on Tuesday, the Trump administration's plan to allow... [Read More]
The Trump administration has secured the release of another American imprisoned overseas -- North Carolina pastor Andrew Brunson. President Donald Trump denied that a deal... [Read More]
And the Trump administration has provided the royal family with rhetorical cover. [Read More]
The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to a 49-year low recently. This points to sustained labor market strength. Initial claims for state... [Read More]
'The Saudis have had a lot of leverage with the Trump administration from the very beginning.'... [Read More]
If the Trump administration has failed to resolve the GCC rift, how can it have the GCC form a military alliance? [Read More]
The last 21 months have made clear that the Trump administration and the Republican Party that supports it know no bounds when it comes to... [Read More]
Shortly after Canada agreed to new terms for the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trump administration held up the deal as vindication of the... [Read More]
Mercury is a noxious byproduct of burning coal. It contaminates fish and, in turn, people, leading to brain damage in infants and small children as... [Read More]
Don't look for the Trump administration to pull out of Afghanistan any time soon. [Read More]
The Supreme Court will review a California case that will decide whether long-time legal immigrants will be arrested and jailed for past criminal convictions. [Read More]
Opponents fear waiving federal protections could hurt border residents, wildlife... [Read More]
A doctor explains how a new rule proposed by the Trump administration would force vulnerable people to make impossible choices. [Read More]
Health officials, physician groups, hospitals and patient advocates across the country are strongly condemning the Trump administration's proposal to restrict immigrants' access to green cards... [Read More]