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To hell with your thoughts and prayers and flags at half-staff.  It's not enough.  It's never been enough.  The flag display was ordered by President... [Read More]
No matter where you look in February, you'll see a familiar symbol: a heart. This month, homes and stores everywhere are getting ready for Valentine's... [Read More]
On Valentine's Day we had yet another school shooting — the 18th in 2018. This American tragedy does not exist in any other country. Why... [Read More]
I'm writing on St. Valentine's Day. [Read More]
Students have been outspoken about gun control in the wake of the Valentine's Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 people were killed... [Read More]
Valentine's Day was shattered by the horrific display at a school in Florida. [Read More]
Belated birthday wishes go out to Verna Pernick of West Deer, who celebrated her 100th year, appropriately enough, on Valentine's Day. How she stays 'young... [Read More]
Following last week's Valentine's Day mass shooting in a Parkland, Florida, school, a 15-year-old student at Dothan High School apparently said he was going to... [Read More]
Maybe it's because Valentine's Day came and went. I can blame the outstanding Southern writer Rick Bragg, whose collections of writings ("My Southern Journey") I... [Read More]
Valentine's Day is "not inclusive"? Since when is the concept of celebrating love not inclusive? With all the talk of "diversity" and "inclusiveness," one would... [Read More]
Just in time for Valentine's Day comes a deal on roses, with all the information on where to buy two dozen of the in-demand flowers... [Read More]
Ahhh, Valentine's Day. The annual tribute to lovers young and old. [Read More]
Thumbs down to melting snow, Valentine's Day haters. Thumbs up to paczki, coffee with Brian Raupp. [Read More]
What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? Here are some unique suggestions. [Read More]
Once again an otherwise peaceful American community is awash in blood and tears following a mass shooting. Seventeen people were murdered on Valentine's Day at... [Read More]
This is a love story. It might be too late for Valentine's Day. But it's never too late for love. [Read More]
Don't even bother to say something ridiculous like, "It's not supposed to happen here … "No, it's not supposed to happen anywhere, but it does,... [Read More]
On Valentine's Day I turned on the TV news and found an eerily familiar scene: reporters at a school massacre. Gun violence in America. Again.... [Read More]
Explore & More museum's Valentine's Day gift is a box of multimillion dollar chocolates the entire community will enjoy, thanks to the Ralph C. Wilson... [Read More]
What a busy February. Gung Hay Fat Choy and happy Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day and President's weekend. Hope you had a good Groundhog Day, too.... [Read More]