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The 98-year-old League of Women Voters of the United States has advocated since the early 1990s our position on increasing access to health insurance for... [Read More]
There are plenty of reasons to vote "no" on Measure 101, the referendum on new taxes to fund Oregon's Medicaid program. [Read More]
True Mattson says she and her husband are a clear example of what's at stake in the debate over Oregon Measure 101, to be decided... [Read More]
Statewide ballot measures often spur vigorous competing multimillion-dollar campaigns leading up to the election. But Measure 101 is a one-sided fight. A pair of political... [Read More]
Here's another reason why the passage of Measure 101 on the Jan. 23 ballot is vital to the health and well-being of all Oregonians. Oregon's... [Read More]
Last Sunday, The Register-Guard published an editorial that promoted a yes vote for Measure 101, the health care sales tax on insurance and service taxes... [Read More]
Vote yes on Measure 101In response to The Bulletin's recommendation to vote no Measure 101, the League of Women Voters of Oregon presents another view.... [Read More]
Vote yes on Measure 101In response to The Bulletin's recommendation to vote no Measure 101, the League of Women Voters of Oregon presents another view.... [Read More]
Ashland, Ore.– Oregon House Democrat Pam Marsh held a town hall meeting in Ashland this afternoon. Starting off with a review of some of Salem's... [Read More]
Would you support a bond measure that assessed homeowners based on where they purchased their homeowners' insurance? Measure 101 will tax people based on how... [Read More]
When considering how to vote on Measure 101, the voter might want to keep in mind the bonds, measures, and increased utility costs coming our... [Read More]
Many are vehement about passing Measure 101. What's said? It protects health care for 25 percent of Oregonians, including seniors and kids. Oregon collects $300... [Read More]
Charles R. Nelson's recent letter on Measure 101 contains so many errors it is difficult to know where to begin. [Read More]
David McCall of the Tillamook County democratic party discusses the Measure 101 forum after it finished Thursday at the Tillamook Bay Community College. [Read More]
I have been deciding how to vote on Measure 101, so I took Dianne Farrell's suggestion (Gazette-Times letters, Jan. 4) and read the entire voters'... [Read More]
In a couple of weeks we will all have the opportunity to vote on Measure 101. It is a fee of between 0.7 and 1.5... [Read More]
Ballot Measure 101 is important to rural Oregon. Where you live should not determine the level of care you receive, or if you are able... [Read More]
Ballots are coming in slowly for Measure 101, the Medicaid funding measure on the ballot Jan. 23. [Read More]
Opponents of Measure 101 are mad at the State of Oregon for imposing a 1.5 percent temporary tax on medical insurance companies. A tax, they... [Read More]
The arguments for and against Measure 101 are intended to help the voter make an informed decision. What I see in the arguments in favor... [Read More]
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