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February is known for Valentine's Day, Black History Month and skipping people's birthdays, if you were unlucky enough to be born on Leap Day. A... [Read More]
Mike and Kelly Parmenter ("Since when is love not inclusive?" Feb. 19) need to pop their bubble and look around at the real world. On... [Read More]
Valentine's Day is "not inclusive"? Since when is the concept of celebrating love not inclusive? With all the talk of "diversity" and "inclusiveness," one would... [Read More]
The El Paso Community Foundation held a dessert party to celebrate its women donors on Valentine's Day at the Foundation Room, 333 N. Oregon. [Read More]
By the time you read this, many satisfied celebrants will have grazed their way through an entire box of salted caramel chocolates. Others gritted their... [Read More]
After A Sad Week, Here Are 750 Reasons To Smile - Across Oregon, OR - Callen Valentine, an Oregon high school student, wanted to make... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's tweet, after the Valentine's Day school shooting in Florida, said kids who are expelled should be reported to authorities. Oh, he is... [Read More]
Valentine's Day typically involves receiving sweet notes, treats and flowers. But one Eugene woman received a not-so-nice note on her windshield Wednesday that prompted law... [Read More]
I read with great sadness the decision of the Bethel School Board to eliminate the exchanging of Valentine's Day cards. Watching the excitement and thoughtfulness... [Read More]
Greeted by sunny skies, 70 local harriers had a chance to shine under top conditions for the 11th annual Valentine's Day 3k, 5k and 10k... [Read More]
The Portland lyricist uploaded it to YouTube two days before Valentine's Day and right in the middle of Black History Month. [Read More]
For Valentine's Day, we hope you bought a thoughtful gift for your significant other. It's the thought that counts, of course, but let us give... [Read More]
The classroom Wednesday had the (relative) calm of a typical school day, until a group of eight students in pink outfits suddenly burst in singing... [Read More]
For those who simply were too busy mid-week to properly celebrate Wednesday's Valentine's Day holiday, there is still an option to treat someone special in... [Read More]
Making school holidays all-inclusive ends up pleasing no one, most parents said, but some applauded the effort... [Read More]
Showers are scattering away and there's already been quite a bit of clearing. It'll be a cool night with lows headed for the 30s west... [Read More]
Valentine's Day is considered the most romantic day of the year, and one Vancouver man took it to a whole new level. As his wife... [Read More]
School officials said that organized holiday parties often end up excluding children whose parents don't have the means to buy valentines, as well as students... [Read More]
second show - Valentine's Day, originals... [Read More]
Shedding clothes on Valentine's Day , Local Sustainable Life, Portland local Sustainable Life, Breaking Sustainable Life alerts for Portland city. [Read More]