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There are no adequate words. [Read More]
Even with yesterday's indictments, President Trump still won't acknowledge reality even though it's staring him in the face. [Read More]
The new Black Panther movie raises a variant of the central question of the superhero genre. [Read More]
Phil Carter makes an interesting argument but he's ultimately mistaken. [Read More]
President Trump has been labeling reports of Russian interference in the 2016 election as "Fake News" for the better part of a year now, and... [Read More]
From the F.B.I. on down, there were multiple warnings that could have prevented Wednesday's tragedy in Parkland, Florida. [Read More]
A Photo for Friday: "That Sky" [Read More]
A significant and important development in the Russia investigation that shows that President Trump's claim that the stories of Russian interference in the 2016 election... [Read More]
The prospect for a fix to help DACA beneficiaries is looking gloomier than ever. [Read More]
More security clearance problems for the White House. [Read More]
To the surprise of nobody, Mitt Romney entered the race to succeed Orrin Hatch in the Senate. He'll probably win. [Read More]
President Trump's military parade would come with a not insignificant cost. [Read More]
A bipartisan group of Senators has proposed a largely reasonable fix to the DACA problem, but its fate remains unclear. [Read More]
Another day, another Court ruling against the Trump Administration. [Read More]
Poland's new Holocaust legislation just keeps sounding worse and worse. [Read More]
Confession. I didn't read this article.   Not a word of it.  Nor do I have plans of doing so.  What I wish to point out... [Read More]
Another school shooting, this time in Florida. [Read More]
Whether it's the abuse angle or the more serious issue of security clearances, the White House still can't get the story straight on the Rob... [Read More]
Donald Trump's lawyer admits to making a six-figure payment on the eve of the 2016 election to a porn star that Trump was alleged to... [Read More]
Another Federal Judge has placed a hold on President Trump's order to end DACA. [Read More]