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It doesn't matter how simple the experience is: Everyone's first time in a VR horror game is something to behold. Having an unknowable monster in... [Read More]
If you're looking for a small gift to give the PC gamer in your life, here's something to consider: Corsair's M65 Pro RGB mouse is... [Read More]
Several retailers are flaunting Intel's mighty Core i9-9900K processor at a discount today, though none are cheaper (that we've found) than Amazon—it's going for $508.24... [Read More]
TP-Link is keeping its foot on the gas pedal with a pair of new high-end routers, the Archer AX6000 and Archer AX11000. These are the... [Read More]
Ubisoft has replaced the Rainbow Six Siege autoban system with a manual chat filter. [Read More]
StarVR had aspirations of disrupting the VR market when it announced in August "the world's most advanced virtual reality headset," but those plans will have... [Read More]
UL Benchmarks is adding a ray-tracing test to its popular 3DMark utility, and it's slated to arrive on January 9. Unfortunately, it won't be available... [Read More]
Fallout 76 shipped with a number of absent features, and one of the biggest misses Bethesda made was not including text chat. The lack of... [Read More]
We got a much closer look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 today, with Ubisoft giving us a whirlwind tour of the 24th century, from... [Read More]
The first Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster is out. [Read More]
I press the 'Q' button I ping a magical shield off three floating skulls, destroying them instantly. Each hit triggers Zeus' blessing, sending balls of... [Read More]
Warhammer: Vermintide 2—Back to Ubersreik crawled out of its warren today, expanding Fatshark's gruesome first-person rat extermination game with three remastered levels from the first... [Read More]
If you're looking to observe this special Doomversary—a whole 25 years—you should check out 2018's Cacowards. Doomworld shines a spotlight on the best Doom maps... [Read More]
Sigil, John Romero's new Doom mod, will be free when it launches in February, but you can also buy yourself a limited edition box containing... [Read More]
In case the addition of planes last week didn't provide enough new stuff to occupy your time in Fortnite, today Epic has teased the addition... [Read More]
With the above Tweet Capcom has announced Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which will add "[a] new quest rank, monsters, locales, moves, and equipment" in Autumn... [Read More]
Geralt of Rivia will appear as part of Monster Hunter: World's next big collaboration with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The trailer above shows a... [Read More]
The newest Warframe poised to join the titular game's roster is Baruuk, shown off recently by Digital Extremes. Baruuk doesn't really like fighting, but it's... [Read More]
This article was originally published in PC Gamer issue 279 back in 2015, and it's republished here today for Doom's 25th anniversary. For more quality... [Read More]
A streamer, going by the username MrDeadMoth, has been arrested by New South Wales police after viewers heard him allegedly assaulting his partner while he... [Read More]