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Sorbo: "I would love to debate these socialists who hate people who work hard for a living." [Read More]
Those who wished to advance the collusion narrative got their ammunition while the truth was still putting on its boots. [Read More]
He wants to see President Trump "Romanoved." [Read More]
Supreme Court will hear a case on the collection of internet taxes. [Read More]
Richmond, Nadler argue Congress has "to show the world that this president does not represent the real feelings of most of the American people." [Read More]
Guilt-ridden virtue signalers know that Trump is right. [Read More]
But all this does beg the age-old question: what is it about the British monarchy that Americans love so much? [Read More]
The tough-talking first female pilot to fly combat missions is running to replace Trump foe Jeff Flake. [Read More]
UPDATE: Terrifying video of the TV alert: "A missile may impact on land or sea in minutes." [Read More]
Residents under 21 can no longer buy tobacco/vaping products. [Read More]
The president has forced Democrats to treat DACA as part of a larger immigration package. [Read More]
The U.S. Postal Service is the problem, not Amazon. [Read More]
They may not have E.T. origins, but they're still pretty alien. [Read More]
Who's the hackiest of them all? [Read More]
The whole world is watching. [Read More]
More adults than children have died from laundry pods. [Read More]
But it has no room for conservative parenting styles. [Read More]
No, they're not being used for bodybuilders... [Read More]
There is no way to resolve their contradictions with transgenderism. [Read More]
Christians are called to love our neighbors, even those from different countries. [Read More]