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Come and get it. [Read More]
Pastor responds to the suggestion that "people bring petrol down and set the church on fire." [Read More]
Unless there's a Bond villain with a hurricane-controlling ray, these will continue to be natural disasters. [Read More]
Asked if he would "reconcile" with Turkish autocrat on "the Kurdish issue," Trump replied, "We'll be discussing many issues -- many issues." [Read More]
Prosecutors allege the trio made and promoted video interviews with al-Qaeda leaders in Syria. [Read More]
"Impeachment is about whatever Congress says it is." [Read More]
The sex-confused have ruined schools, locker rooms, public bathrooms — and now the English language. [Read More]
According to the police reports, he "bloodied" one girlfriend and treated another like his personal slave. [Read More]
Choosing the right iPhone and carrier could save you more than $2000. [Read More]
When you bare your neck to the blade, for fear of something even worse. [Read More]
"Off the pigs." [Read More]
Even a "demonstration" EMP over the Pacific deserves our full weight. [Read More]
"Liberal talking points..." [Read More]
California Dem says healthcare is "a fundamental right and should be thought of as a civil right and not something that is other than that." [Read More]
"Repeal ObamaCare," Rand Paul demands. [Read More]
Hate-mongering organization pressures Internet companies to blacklist more conservative websites. [Read More]
Can't imagine why he's not on the Republicans' side here... [Read More]
It was "very Trump-heavy." [Read More]
"The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!" [Read More]
"From the time I'm a little boy, I've been hearing about peace in the Middle East": Tells Palestinian leader "you have millions of people rooting... [Read More]