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In today's society more than 50 percent of first marriages and 67 percent of second marriages eventually end in divorce. More than one million children are involved in new divorces every year. [Read More]
Let kids explore their own interests, make their own mistakes... [Read More]
Q: We recently discovered that our 16-year-old son has been smoking marijuana on a regular basis. At first, we intended to begin using an over-the-counter drug test but then learned... [Read More]
"Declan woke up on Jan. 1 and announced that, after much thinking, he had settled on not one but TWO resolutions for the New Year. Without any prompting or fanfare,... [Read More]
New federal survey data on what the kids are (or aren't) smoking these days. [Read More]
Heather Leavitt hopes to one day look in the mirror and recognize the woman staring back. The woman she once knew is hardly recognizable through the many chips and cracks in the glass,... [Read More]
Kids know arguing is a good way to get attention from their parents, even if it is negative. They also know if they're persistent enough, their parents will eventually concede. [Read More]
The grass is always greener when it's real and outdoors. [Read More]
Vicki Lansky, author of more than 30 parenting books on topics ranging from sleep to toilet training, died Sunday "after a week of peaceful sleep," according to a Facebook announcement …... [Read More]
From celebrations ringing in the Chinese New Year and honoring historical African-American creativity to free admission days at Chicago's various museums and kid-friendly theater events, here are 50 things to do with the... [Read More]
When your teenaged son is being bullied at school and your teenaged daughter is starting to have sex, there are certain ways you'd be expected to handle it. [Read More]
By Lynne Bridges Special to The SUN The Incredible Years Parenting Class is a free opportunity offered to anyone who wants to build positive relationships with their children, who need more effective discipline... [Read More]
Shelterhouse of Gladwin County will be hosting a free parenting group beginning Thursday, Jan. 19 and continuing each Thursday thereafter through March 30. Sessions will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. at... [Read More]
A parenting program will be offered in Major County starting Jan. 30. [Read More]
NSW fair trading requires fences around pools to be at least 2.1 metres tall. Wendy Atkinson's 2-year-old son scaled an even higher pool fence in 21 seconds, ... [Read More]
Ask the Expert: My child is a perfectionist who can view others in a negative way... [Read More]
I'd been salivating over Pinterest for years, but I was far from being a bossy Martha (Stewart). I was simply keeping the kids' brunch interests in mind. [Read More]
Dear Sassy Housewife: My daughter, who is 13, has my old iPhone, which she uses as an iPod Touch to play games. She isn't allowed on Facebook and can only... [Read More]
The Upper Room, a nonprofit family resource center, is offering 'Positive Solutions,' a parenting workshop that will focus on the challenges and developmental changes in a young child's life. [Read More]
Beth Wendler and Heather Martyn will host another five-week series of "Love and Logic" parenting classes. [Read More]