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as, these days, it is everywhere else.   I believe that I first visited [Read More...] [Read More]
    Scarcely earth-shattering or the crime of the century, but, still, this incident is revealing and perhaps a bit classless:      ... [Read More]
    A nice little find:    ... [Read More]
    "Whatever else history may say about my candidacy, I hope it will be recorded that I appealed to our best hopes, not our... [Read More]
When our children were teenagers they would sometimes say someone was "annoying." When we probed for a little details it was often not forthcoming. It... [Read More]
Everyone likes the "Peace Prayer," as long as it does not have to be attributed to us or brought to our attention during heated, nuclear... [Read More]
Scot McKnight on Jesus and orthodox faith in the 21st century... [Read More]
Hundreds of "Confessing Faculty" at Christian colleges have signed a "Statement of Confession and Commitment." Chris explains what its language of justice has to do... [Read More]
Mark Shea's Blog: So That No Thought of Mine, No Matter How Stupid, Should Ever Go Unpublished Again! [Read More]
This is hilarious: Lady Chatterley's Lover has just been re-issued by Grove Press, and this fictional account of the day-to-day life of an English game-keeper... [Read More]
This blog was inspired by Ted Koppel's take down of Sean Hannity on TV. Koppel languidly responded to Sean's question, "You think I'm bad for... [Read More]
Either way, Jesus ain't really magical. [Read More]
It time to show us your DIYs again! Link up a DIY creation you made, or if you are a non-blogger, you can share on... [Read More]
By Rev. Dr. Storm Swain As we enter into John's Gospel, we are standing some way off from the tomb. The air of grief is... [Read More]
    It's all over, folks.  See this.    ... [Read More]
I was delighted to attend the screening of the new movie An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr story at Butler University this evening. The venue... [Read More]
Francis is quite the case. In a world after Amoris Laetitia, after supposed near-schism, after port-a-potties, it's hard to think of a Francis beyond controversy,... [Read More]
A former colleague, a Latinist, one day pointed out the neoplatonic influences behind the creation of the word "universe". The word, when broken down to... [Read More]
Guess what, all those phone calls and town halls and protests against the awful, awful "Trumpcare" bill? They worked. Well done, folks. Also: Trump's budget... [Read More]
What does Jewish spirituality have to teach us about navigating the current American political crisis? In the latest episode of the RavenCast, I sat down... [Read More]
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