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Charles McVety, a former televangelist now fighting to elect Doug Ford as premier of Ontario, promoted Creationism during a conference this week. [Read More]
    Not too long ago, a study from Public Policy Polling found that my beloved home state of California is the least popular state in... [Read More]
Ireland did not save civilization this time, voting overwhelmingly to legalize abortion, thus repudiating its Christian heritage and Catholic identity. [Read More]
    A remarkable photo essay in the January 2015 issue of Scientific American, entitled "Living Large" — you can see the first paragraph or two, and the... [Read More]
    The tale goes on:   One quite unintended consequence of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon was the energizing of the largest of the... [Read More]
Dr. David R. Mains, close friend of Dr. KP Yohannan, encourages us to use Memorial Day to remember those who've given their lives for America,... [Read More]
My opponent stated about God and miracles: "he no longer ever does them." I begged to differ, producing scientific studies of cures at Lourdes, etc. [Read More]
From The New York Times:  Ireland voted decisively to repeal one of the world's more restrictive abortion bans, the prime minister said Saturday, sweeping aside... [Read More]
Here is the beautiful cover of the Korean edition of The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life: Ethical and Missional Implications of the New Perspective, edited... [Read More]
    The latest instantiation of the biweekly Saturday Hamblin/Peterson column in the Deseret News:   "Remaking, modernizing Christian architecture in Spain's Basilica de la... [Read More]
Interesting exchange about the question of why the Bible wasn't written in a way for biblical interpretation to be a lot more easy than it... [Read More]
Paul's Theology of Preaching Duane Litfin is President Emeritus of Wheaton College where he served for seventeen years. He holds a PhD from Purdue in... [Read More]
Years ago, I was in Los Angeles for business for CBS, and they put me up in a very nice hotel: the Beverly Wilshire, right... [Read More]
On this program, I discussed the confusion surrounding gender in our culture. I address the ideological foundations of where we are today, especially through the... [Read More]
The emphasis on "replacement population" is an outdated and dangerous way to think about fertility rates. It is part and parcel of our outdated and... [Read More]
Someone in my Sunday school class told me that they heard recently that there were 700 titles/names/ways of referring to Jesus in the Bible. I... [Read More]
Christian con man hosted fellow Christian con man Paul McGuire on his show and they waxed stupid about Trump, of course. After McGuire laughably claimed... [Read More]
My Feeble Attempts at Satire Miss the Mark Occasionally I use my blog to make a stab at making a point about religion using satire.... [Read More]
Every single push for equality and justice in the history of this country, if not the world, has been greeted with those who are not... [Read More]
Envy is listed among the deadly sins for a good reason. As St. Cyprian tells us, envy just keeps gnawing at us unless we get... [Read More]
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