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DARPA funded power and efficiency testing of a new type of rotary engine that promises compact, lightweight and reliable power for unmanned aircraft and air... [Read More]
The MAX entered revenue service 13 months ago, and airlines have been praising its reliability and efficiency. read more... [Read More]
The National Air Transportation Association is leading a fight against illegal air charters. read more... [Read More]
Chief executives of three leading "big-small" contractors discuss some essential ingredients to their success. read more... [Read More]
Bell is to collaborate with France's Safran on development of a hybrid-electric propulsion system for its electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing on-demand air mobility concept. [Read More]
Air traffic management optimization is gathering speed throughout Europe, thanks to improvements at the airport level. read more... [Read More]
An uptick of activity in the Pacific and in Central Command has forces seeking protective eyewear. read more... [Read More]
Flights at NASA Armstrong used a Gulfstream III to flight-test airport noise reductions from wing-flap and landing-gear modifications. read more... [Read More]
Africa represents less than 10% of the world's available seat miles, but that is about to change, and manufacturers of crossover narrowbody jets are taking... [Read More]
DARPA targets hypersonic defense; USAF wants reusable hypersonics; an unmanned KC-46A tanker? Liebherr/GM team on fuel-cell APU, and UK drone BVLOS milestone. ... [Read More]
Faced with size constraints at its production facilities, Airbus rethinks the way it manufacturers aircraft. read more... [Read More]
Passengers with reduced mobility are lobbying for greater accessibility to airline cabins, but certain safety constraints keep the industry from developing a quick solution. ... [Read More]
Aviation Week & Space Technology Student Digital Edition - June 18, 2018... [Read More]
Aviation Week & Space Technology Digital Edition - June 18, 2018... [Read More]
Feedback on its initial F135 engine upgrade proposal prompted P&W to include increased power and thermal management capability in its Growth Option 2.0 upgrade package.... [Read More]
Revised secondary structure and cabin fittings will cut ARJ21 empty weight by more than half a ton. Thrust may be increased. ... [Read More]
A heavily redacted document posted by the Air Force acknowledges an April contract award to develop an air-launched missile. read more... [Read More]
The aircraft-maker's strategy to continue production ahead of delayed engine deliveries is a heavy financial burden. read more... [Read More]
Recent appointments, promotions and honors in the aviation and aerospace industry. read more... [Read More]