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Victory: Following a PETA Asia campaign and eyewitness exposé of the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Thailand, Minor International PCL founder and... [Read More]
At a series of important scientific meetings, PETA scientists presented their work to prevent hundreds of birds each year from being fed pesticide-laced... [Read More]
Order your free "Only Assholes Wear Canada Goose" stickers from PETA today. Let people know that Canada Goose coats are a product of cruelty. [Read More]
Alicia Silverstone voices Carly the cow, a life-size animatronic bovine traveling to California schools and helping students ditch dairy. Learn more. [Read More]
Supermodel Joanna Krupa tells the naked truth about wool in PETA's Times Square billboard. [Read More]
Cows' bodies were reportedly hacked apart and left to rot in the sun on the set of Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone,' according to a whistleblower report. [Read More]
We're raising the stakes against Canada Goose. We won't stop until it agrees to use only warm, functional fabrics that no animal had to suffer... [Read More]
PETA will continue to defend our right to speak out, using creative and lawful means, until Texas A&M's cruel experiments on dogs end. [Read More]
No tests on animals for Dove, and parent Unilever bans all tests not specifically required by law across all other brands. [Read More]
Calling other people "pigs" and "dogs" as an insult belittles animals' talents and abilities too. [Read More]
Sales of dairy "products" are drying up as the vegan beverage market booms. Here are some reasons why almond milk is much better than cow's... [Read More]
The New Iberia Research Center is ill equipped to do the bare minimum required by federal law and should be shut down immediately. [Read More]
Adolescent pregnancies, chains, and dead babies: This is captive-elephant breeding. [Read More]
Dolly Parton provides music for an upbeat TV spot starring Kathy Najimy about the importance of walking your dog. [Read More]
This empowering victories video shows just some of the ways the world became kinder to animals in September. [Read More]
It appears that the driver, Kyle Husted—who has a history of racing violations—whipped the horse as an act of punishment for finishing in second place. [Read More]
After hearing from PETA scientists, South Korea spared hundreds of dogs by joining Japan, the U.S., the EU, and Canada in dropping its requirement that... [Read More]
At 6' 4" and with 225 pounds of muscle, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess isn't a guy you'd want in your yard asking why... [Read More]
Onlookers stared in horror as the horse struggled to move. This archaic form of entertainment must be banned—before another incident occurs. [Read More]
Like many cats PETA sees (and is often called upon to help), Miracle had a tipped ear, meaning that she is yet another victim of... [Read More]