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A North Carolina beach and tourist town has relaxed a long-standing ban on dogs on the beach during tourist season. [Read More]
Children love their pets more than their siblings, says a new UK-based study. Pets offer unconditional love and relationships free of complications or stress. [Read More]
3853 Northpointe Dr Zanesville, OH 43701. Pets And Animals - Pet Care... [Read More]
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To help you find a veterinarian who provides the care and service your critter deserves without wrecking your treat budget, consumer group Puget Sound Consumers'... [Read More]
Don't be jealous. [Read More]
There are sound-dampening mats for pets to sleep on, dog foods that humans have no problem consuming, designer fleece wraps and chew toys. [Read More]
To see more adoptable animals, go to [Read More]
Exposing your puppy to new people, places and situations early on is important, as it will help your dog feel confident with new experiences throughout... [Read More]
I might be putting the cart in front of the horse here, but who would have predicted such a monumental storm in our area?! Here... [Read More]
Melvin, a 1- to 2-year-old male Heeler mix, needs to be adopted into a good home. To adopt Melvin or one of the many other... [Read More]
Rudy's owner died. Now, he's in a foster home until a permanent home can be found. [Read More]
Know when to seek veterinary care for your pets. They need us to provide for their physical comfort through expert veterinary care. Be sure to... [Read More]
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If her sister's dog wasn't such a good model, things might have ended differently for Rabecca Hennessey. [Read More]
Human drugs are making pets sick as dogs, according to new ASPCA data. Ingesting prescribed meds for conditions such as depression, heart disease and ADHD... [Read More]
A kitten of a local Meals and Wheels client received a surgery with the help of Project Treasured Tails which provides basic care for animals... [Read More]
During a recent Dog Reading Pals session at the Murrysville Community Library, children sprawled on the floor and read aloud to therapy dogs, similarly reclined.... [Read More]
Pet owners in a Lakewood, Ohio community are relieved after a coyote responsible for terrorizing several pets was captured. [Read More]