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In his campaign ad, Conor Lamb attempts to claim the moral high road by pledging to shun contributions from corporate political action committees (PACs). This... [Read More]
As one of two U.S. senators representing Pennsylvanians, Bob Casey did a disservice to his constituents by refusing to even consider Judge Brett Kavanaugh for... [Read More]
This is for all of you still voting Democrat: May I ask exactly what are you actually voting for Lou Mangione New Kensington ... [Read More]
I have four questions for Sen. Bob Casey and senatorial candidate Lou Barletta: 1. Are you in favor of open borders 2. If no, do... [Read More]
Dermody is a listener I recently received a negative ad in the mail about Rep. Frank Dermody. Well, let me tell you, Dermody is a... [Read More]
I would like to remind voters that U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, who is challenging Bob Casey for the U.S. Senate, attempted to defy a state... [Read More]
All right, 'deplorables,' it's time to stand up and show the left, the coastal elites and the D.C. swamp-dwellers exactly what we're made of. The... [Read More]
that the Supreme Court and, indeed, many things that go on inside the Washington, D.C. beltway have become too important to our lives. So important... [Read More]
UPMC's new oath UPMC appears to have given andamp;#0010;Western Pennsylvania's sick and ailing residents a blow to the pocketbook, to say nothing of their health... [Read More]
If it saves just one life, keeping semi-automatic rifles is worth it. Gov. Tom Wolf wants to ban the AR-15 because of its status as... [Read More]
I would like to ask the Rev. Tony Joseph how he found out Hillary Clinton was crooked, as he stated in his letter ('Letter-writer wrong... [Read More]
Kick-off time is fast approaching, and you should have butterflies in your stomach. It's the game of your lifetime, with the common-sense, conservative team up... [Read More]
The Catholic Church needs to re-examine its policies and, along with our courts, hold every criminal involved in this horrific sexual abuse of children accountable... [Read More]
I hope Lori Falce was being facetious when her op-ed, 'Picking a side isn't always political. Or is it' (Sept. 27, TribLIVE), compared football to... [Read More]
Regarding the letter 'Republicans trying to save Medicare, Social Security' (Sept. 19, TribLIVE): As a retired person who has worked for over 40 years, I... [Read More]
In his column 'The Democrats' political pandering' (Sept. 27, TribLIVE), Paul Kengor rightly recognizes that Democrats are nominating vastly different candidates depending on which district... [Read More]
When I was growing up in the '50s, cigarette smoking was in vogue, and we referred to cigarettes as cancer sticks because there was some... [Read More]
Scott Wagner, candidate for Pennsylvania governor, has made the following proposal for safety in our schools: andamp;#8226; An increase in funding for mental-health treatment andamp;#8226;... [Read More]
Thank you so much for the editorial, 'We don't know how to believe in rape' (Sept. 30, TribLIVE). I have read and heard a tremendous... [Read More]
I hope NFL leadership was watching the MLB National League wild-card game Tuesday night. MLB did not shy away from the national anthem. Every player... [Read More]
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