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Talk about a double standard! How come it's OK for some Democratic congresswomen to say whatever derogatory things about the president they wish, but it's... [Read More]
In 1963 in an interview with Life Magazine, Jackie Kennedy quoted a line from her late husband President Kennedy's favorite musical: "… 'Don't let it... [Read More]
Our family traveled to Deep Creek, Md., for Independence Day. Along with relaxation, I found personal freedom there. Between dinner and the fireworks, I went... [Read More]
The "Eat your meat" article in the July 9 edition was truly tragic. In a country where more meat is consumed than anywhere on the... [Read More]
Have you ever seen a starfish? I have, and I hope one day I can take my kids to the beach and they can see... [Read More]
My hometown in the late '50s had a small grocery store and a tiny fruit and vegetable store. When apricots or avocados came in, word... [Read More]
My wife and I were vendors at the 2019 Twin Lakes Heritage Festival and just wanted to drop a line to show our appreciation to... [Read More]
I am so angry right now, I could spit. My 93-year-old mother, American born and raised, needs financial help to stay in her home until... [Read More]
The Penn Hills School District is in debt to the tune of approximately $175 million. Attorney General Josh Shapiro's office said that investigators found gross... [Read More]
We cannot thank the Freeport police and emergency crews for their efforts on May 28, when a horrible storm caused the collapse of a portion... [Read More]
The Bessemer process for making steel was invented in 1856 and was used by Andrew Carnegie in his Mon Valley operations. Today's blast furnaces/coke batteries... [Read More]
Summer can be a busy time full of fun activities and vacations, but the need for lifesaving blood transfusions never stops. In fact, every two... [Read More]
Just answer the question: Why don't Democrats want the U.S. citizenship question included on the census form? Because they know they will lose thousands of... [Read More]
Boy, I'm glad the next presidential election is still far away because it's going to be a very difficult decision for me. On one hand,... [Read More]
On July 8, I watched an "ABC Nightly News" segment heaping adulation upon the U.S. women's national soccer team following its World Cup victory. This... [Read More]
I urge Pennsylvania lawmakers to not allow Sunday hunting. I enjoy the outdoors in our great state, and I feel that I and others should... [Read More]
In case you missed it, the recent Democratic debates confirmed that the Democratic Party is now officially the socialist Democratic Party … period. The old... [Read More]
Are we living in some crazy alternate world? In a time when Americans are so easily conned by a wannabe autocrat, Republicans follow lock-step President... [Read More]
The Democrats have done little to stop the crisis at the border. They don't seem to be interested in stopping caravans or filling in immigration... [Read More]
When I first heard about Nike removing its Betsy Ross flag shoes from the market, I was dismayed and thought that people where being too... [Read More]
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