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Digital Rights group Fight for the Future has organized several rallies around the country to support Apple in its bid to protect encryption in the... [Read More]
Sony is adding a new member of the PS4 controllers family. Unlike the various, more expensive Pro Controllers announced last year, this one is a... [Read More]
PLAYSTATION 4 owners can grab big discounts on games like Dark Souls 3, Fortnite and Resident Evil 7, but only for a limited time. [Read More]
OVERWATCH fans don't have much longer to enjoy Competitive Season 6, which has a shorter run time than usual. [Read More]
Sony is getting in on the Black Friday situation early with some great value PS4 Pro bundles this week. Head over to ShopTo this week... [Read More]
THE DESTINY 2 server status is going to show the big Bungie shooter offline today for PS4 and Xbox One. Here's when you can expect... [Read More]
Sony's teamed up with Hori on its new $30 Mini Wired Gamepad, which is designed for younger PS4 players with smaller hands. [Read More]
The Mini Wired Gamepad is 40 percent smaller than the original DualShock 4 design and comes in a simpler form factor. Designed by Hori, the... [Read More]
Sony has licensed Japanese peripheral company Hori to make a new controller for the PS4 called the Mini Wired Gamepad. It's designed for kids (and... [Read More]
If you like playing console games with the younger generation, you may have come across the issue of their tiny hands being unable to perform... [Read More]
PSN is down right now for hundreds of PS4 gamers who have reported the service as not working tonight. [Read More]
Sony's new PS4 controller is 40% smaller than DualShock, but lacks key features, like touch and motion control. [Read More]
NINTENDO SWITCH gamers could soon be playing one of the hottest mobile titles currently available, as a console exclusive. [Read More]
Despite that marketing, Bethesda says Wolfenstein's story and release date were established long before current events. [Read More]
A pair of Dragon Ball Z villains come with their signature moves, and support from other characters from the anime. [Read More]
Excited to play Battlefront II? Ready to make the jump to the PS4 Pro? Well, you'll definitely want to jump on this pre-order bundle on... [Read More]
The harder version of the Raid is now available, and players are competing to be the first to beat it and get their hands on... [Read More]
The PlayStation 4 is getting a new controller, and it's called the Mini Wired Gamepad. As the name suggests, it's a PS4 controller aimed at... [Read More]
Mercy's Valkyrie now interacts with Resurrect differently, and Guardian Angel gains an additional use. Plus, you can now hide from your friends in the PC... [Read More]
The one-of-a-kind bundle includes a PS4 Pro, PlayStation VR, Gran Turismo Sport, and a limited edition 2018 Mazda MX-5. [Read More]