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Apple's decision comes just weeks after Amazon chose to split a second headquarters between Arlington, Va., and the Queens borough of New York City. [Read More]
Deregulation package may be doomed — Pelosi nears the gavel — May survives... [Read More]
As Congress prepares to leave town in the coming days, Democrats are opposing efforts to attach the legislation to a year-end government funding bill. [Read More]
And congressional Republicans ditch President Donald Trump on his shutdown enthusiasm. [Read More]
Even though he seems to really want to. [Read More]
Happy birthday! [Read More]
South China Sea is a flashpoint in military buildup as China asserts control. [Read More]
The first-term senator has defeated a series of bills he despises. But he may not be able to stop criminal justice reform. [Read More]
The focal point of his trip was to champion the League of Nations, which he hoped would prevent another war like the one just ended. [Read More]
The British prime minister still has the nearly impossible task of bringing Brexit to a successful conclusion. [Read More]
What is a fixer for, if not to fix something like this? [Read More]
Republicans spent millions attacking Gillum in connection with the FBI probe. But the investigation ultimately had little to do with the former mayor. [Read More]
It will be up to state lawmakers to decide next year if they want to pursue a course almost certain to draw fierce draw criticism. [Read More]
Employees at the conservative journal plan to gather for an all-hands meeting at the end of the week. [Read More]
The California Democrat has agreed to limit her time as speaker to four years at most. [Read More]
The Education and Workforce postponed a hearing after sexist and homophobic columns written by Joseph Sabia surfaced. [Read More]
The White House says Trump needs the House Freedom Caucus chair in Congress. [Read More]
The overwhelming bipartisan vote for the bill caps an eight-month fight over the legislation. [Read More]
House Republicans are eager to give Trump his wall, but it's not clear how they'll get there amid low morale among departing GOP lawmakers. [Read More]
The demand for telemedicine is renewing state and federal efforts to improve internet infrastructure. [Read More]