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"You understand that lower taxes mean bigger paychecks, more jobs and stronger growth," the president says. [Read More]
Trump could face another disappointment without a focused lobbying effort on Capitol Hill, where Republicans are facing a biting political calculus. [Read More]
Baby Donald is happy to embrace good reporting when it suits him. [Read More]
Republicans have hurt their party through futile primary challenges. Are Democrats about to start making the same mistake? [Read More]
Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska failed to allege 'actual malice' by the news outlet, the court says. [Read More]
White House officials assured National Archives staff that employees in President Donald Trump's administration were being reminded of the rules. [Read More]
The order appears to cover legal advice about winding down the program. [Read More]
What would an IQ faceoff between Trump and Tillerson—or anyone else—even tell us? [Read More]
Democrats are laying plans to put the GOP on the spot about potential cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. [Read More]
The Kentucky Republican is likely to vote against the Senate budget, an ominous start to the GOP's tax reform push. [Read More]
The Islamic State is suffering a big strategic and propaganda loss as its territory evaporates, but it still has thousands of supporters around the world. [Read More]
The former press secretary met with prosecutors in the Russia probe on Monday. [Read More]
The former White House strategist has declared war on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but is endorsing candidates who have also accepted help from the... [Read More]
The New Yorker reported that the president joked about Mike Pence's religiosity, drawing a rebuke from the White House. [Read More]
"I am pleased to be back in Washington where I look forward to continuing work on the 2018 appropriations bills and to taking part in... [Read More]
As a result, the next round of talks won't be held until Nov. 17-21 in Mexico City. [Read More]
What's happening on tax reform... [Read More]
The frontrunner to replace Tom Price is Alex Azar, who worked at the Department of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush before... [Read More]
Asked if Tuesday if he had a preferred candidate, Trump replied that "honestly, I like them all." [Read More]
The restraining order came hours before the restrictions in the new directive were set to kick in at midnight. [Read More]