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But Lesko's single-digit margin in a district Trump carried by 21 points has Republican strategists concerned. [Read More]
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"We don't know how far off the investigation is going to veer," Marc Short says... [Read More]
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"I think he's very strong man, he's a strong president," Emmanuel Macron says. [Read More]
Emmanuel Macron will push for continued U.S. intervention in Syria... [Read More]
The California assemblywoman also made homophobic remarks about the former Assembly Speaker. [Read More]
Emails show career employees circulating 'approval' letters just days before the department slammed the brakes on the Connecticut project. [Read More]
It's a conundrum that puts free-market principles at odds with gun rights, and Republicans across the board are genuinely split. [Read More]
Little-known Congressman John Delaney spends big on his long-shot 2020 presidential bid. [Read More]
Tribes say they should be exempt from Medicaid work requirements. [Read More]
He is still heavily favored to win Orrin Hatch's seat. [Read More]
Mourned by colleagues, Norman helped build the health team at POLITICO. [Read More]
Johnson was convicted more than a century ago of racially motivated charges. [Read More]
Some 1,500 people gathered in Houston to pay tribute to the "first lady of the greatest generation." [Read More]
The late first lady showed how to walk the line between devoted spouse and Washington power player. [Read More]