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Trump withdrew from the deal earlier this month. [Read More]
Putin muscles his way back into the narrative, elbowing aside Trump as auteur of the scandal. [Read More]
Senate Republicans unveiled their plan to repeal Obamacare — the Better Care Reconciliation Act — on Thursday. [Read More]
Opposition by a handful of governors could provide political cover for key senators to oppose the legislation. [Read More]
As surprising as Trump's young presidency has been, it's also the natural outgrowth of 30 years of Republican pandering to the lowest common denominator in... [Read More]
What President Richard Nixon's Twitter account might have looked like during Watergate, had social media existed in the 1970s. [Read More]
The Trump administration is under pressure to pull out of a landmark nuclear arms pact with Russia. Some worry the INF Treaty is the only... [Read More]
Joining the drug price battle could boost the political fortunes of the California billionaire. [Read More]
One of Obamacare's harshest critics isn't sold on the repeal bill. [Read More]
On this day in 1938, a federal minimum wage went into effect under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Congress initially set the wage at 25... [Read More]
Matt Mika suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest in last week's shooting at a congressional baseball practice. [Read More]
To hear McCabe describe it, Trump's budget would require significant belt-tightening across the law enforcement agency. [Read More]
After four special election wins, Republicans are relying on the Congressional Leadership Fund's Corry Bliss to safeguard the House majority. [Read More]
Palmieri's comments came after the release of an investigation by The Washington Post. [Read More]
On Thursday, Senate Republicans announced their version of the GOP health care bill. Here are three key changes. Voiced and edited... [Read More]
Lawmakers have also voiced concern that State is not preparing to crack down on diplomats' illicit travel inside the U.S. [Read More]
Despite the ruling, the memo Kobach took into the meeting with Trump may well wind up in the public domain eventually. [Read More]
Heller is up for re-election in 2018 and is seen as one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans in that cycle. [Read More]
Scalise was shot in his left hip, causing "significant damage" to his internal organs, bones and blood vessels, according to MedStar. [Read More]
Heller did leave the door open to supporting the bill if changes are made. [Read More]