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Relatives of Jesse Owens and America's 17 other black athletes from the 1936 Olympics were welcomed to the White House on Thursday by President Barack... [Read More]
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L Brands CEO Les Wexner becomes an independent after former President Barack Obama visited Columbus. [Read More]
A top economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan said Tuesday that President Barack Obama deserves no credit for the booming U.S. economy, and said all... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama will be hitting the campaign trail in Philadelphia ahead of the midterm election in November. [Read More]
I was speechless when I saw your Wednesday editorial ("Obama classless in speaking ill of Trump") castigating former President Barack Obama for speaking up about... [Read More]
With some state and federal races overshadowing others, it's easy to forget that there are other officials up for re-election in the Nov. 6 election.One... [Read More]
"HOW HARD CAN that be? Saying that Nazis are bad," former President Barack Obama asked a crowd in Illinois. Well, probably no harder than saying... [Read More]
Nearly two years after leaving the White House, former President Barack Obama is set to return to the US political landscape. [Read More]
So let's look at the facts, Stephen Moore, of what President Barack Obama inherited from President George W. Bush and his so-called trickle-down economics, the... [Read More]
Barack Obama's administration is a fading horizon for Democrats. [Read More]
In a Sept. 7 speech at the University of Illinois, departed President Barack Obama reappeared, spouting more of the same empty, pontificating, self-adulatory rhetoric that... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama's "Young people have to vote" speech in Urbana, Illinois, was one of the most necessary and inspiring speeches I have ever... [Read More]
In a video shared by The Obama Foundation on Monday, Obama said his 2008 election win was made more special when he tried to view it... [Read More]
Nearly two years out of the White House, former President Barack Obama is facing another political test. To the delight of many Democrats, he's stepped... [Read More]
Souza, who was the Chief Official White House photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, used Apple's new iPhone XS to take these... [Read More]
Leslie Wexner, chief executive of Victoria's Secret parent L Brands Inc. ... [Read More]
Debra Katz, who is currently representing Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Brett Kavanugh of committing sexual assault 36 years ago is a major... [Read More]