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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski narrowly managed to beat back his progressive challenger in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District on Tuesday with... [Read More]
A new Pew survey finds the gender gap between the parties is growing. In the midst of the #MeToo movement and with an unprecedented number... [Read More]
A former Planned Parenthood official has joined the Tennessee Democratic Party as its executive director. According to news release from the party, new executive director... [Read More]
The face of the Democratic Party has changed radically in the last two decades, becoming far more female, non-white, young, college-educated and liberal, according to... [Read More]
The 3rd District Democratic Party will have its 32nd annual dinner on April 28 at Eagle Glen in Columbia City. [Read More]
Mrs. Gerber, who was known as Penny, advised mayors, governors, and U.S. senators, and her support was considered crucial to winning the Democratic Party's endorsement.... [Read More]
The primary battle between U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski and challenger Marie Newman for Illinois' 3rd Congressional District has garnered national attention as a fight for... [Read More]
The toughness of the challenge facing Lipinski is merely the latest sign that Democratic voters have moved to the left on many issues including on... [Read More]
Incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski is a co-chair of the "Blue Dogs" -- a group of centrist (and at times right-leaning) Democratic lawmakers who've been trying... [Read More]
A North Carolina law that cancelled primary elections this year for state judges of all kinds is back in court. Three judges of the 4th... [Read More]
Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski is an endangered species.Out of place in today's Democratic Party and in his own di... [Read More]
Despite much ado about Russian trolling during the last election cycle, it certainly wasn't the only common variety of it. Paul Blumenthal writes of one... [Read More]
In the midst of a scandal involving the harvesting of tens of millions of Facebook profiles for political gain, the North Carolina Democratic Party is... [Read More]
In an unusual move, a lawmaker from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has made inquiries into a lecture at a junior high school given by... [Read More]
In a boost to the Democratic Party's chances of winning back the U.S. Congress this year, both the U.S. Supreme Court and a Pennsylvania panel... [Read More]
Delaware County Democratic Party Chairman David Landau said he was "thrilled" with the news Monday that the U.S. Supreme Court and a panel of federal... [Read More]
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia, suggested that the electoral model in Russia may go along the Chinese way... [Read More]
The 2020 presidential elections are a chance for Democrats to move forward. [Read More]
Things are going left for the Democratic Party on the way to 2020. [Read More]
Two veteran law enforcement officers will square off Tuesday in the Republican primary election that may decide who will be Morgan County's next sheriff. ... [Read More]