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New vote totals show Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara has defeated Republican-turned-independent Steve Poizner to become the state's next insurance commissioner. Vote counts updated since... [Read More]
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The memorandum of understanding comes after the Defense Department prepared to help the Homeland Security Department repel Election Day cyberattacks. [Read More]
Long Island Republican John Flanagan will continue to lead his GOP colleague's in the state Senate following a disastrous Election Day that saw their ranks... [Read More]
Another California Republican who led the election by 3% on Election Day is suddenly down by 941 votes more than a week after the election.... [Read More]
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and... [Read More]
With the election behind, the Bristol Phoenix took a look at the funds amassed by candidates in the four statewide elections that impacted Bristol voters.... [Read More]
Republican leads in close races on November 6 vanished as county recorders counted ballots in the days after, and Republicans turned to attacking Arizona's... [Read More]
Assessing the wins, the map, and the damage. [Read More]
On Election Day, it was again an honor to serve as a poll worker. Tears of pride came to my eyes as the long l... [Read More]
For an example of how every ballot matters, turn to Mary Beverly Goetz. The 76-year-old Kentucky woman said she voted absentee on election day because... [Read More]
Should Cisneros' lead hold up, it will be yet another Democratic win in the week and a half since Election Day and would further increase... [Read More]
A woman is charged in connection with an Election Day incident caught in a video that's gone viral. [Read More]
Marco Rubio has been leading the charge against Democrat Party voter manufacturing and voter fraud in the state of Florida. Rubio called out Broward County... [Read More]
Millsaps students explain what they're looking to learn from the Senate candidates ahead of election day. [Read More]
By James Polston INDIANAPOLIS—With issues seen around the state on Election Day from polls that opened late to ballots that took days to count,... [Read More]
Election results still aren't clear in Florida and Georgia, where lawsuits, recounts and confusion are the order of the day. [Read More]
While G. Andrew "Andy" Hall was elected Commonwealth's Attorney for the city of Martinsville, fictional TV junkyard proprietor Fred Sanford was a strong contender as... [Read More]
In two of Florida's largest counties — Hillsborough and Broward — the statewide machine recount yielded significantly fewer total votes than the Election Day results. [Read More]