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Netflix's latest test to connect subscribers to new content appears to have backfired: Some are seeing promos for other shows between episodes of the one... [Read More]
Publisher Take-Two Interactive said it's lost more than $500,000 to two mods sold by an unemployed Georgia man. [Read More]
The journey of the team, the development of a car, and the career of a superstar driver form the best mode offered by Codemasters' motorsports... [Read More]
We sat down with Steve Danuser, Warcraft's narrative producer, and Ely Cannon, Warcraft's lead artist, to talk about the renewed conflict in WoW's latest, Battle... [Read More]
As part of the #ShareYourRejections Twitter campaign, screenwriter John August shared his pitch for a Catwoman spin-off starring Michelle Pfeiffer that never made it to... [Read More]
An exhaustive look at all 78 games headed to PAX West later this month, including both video games and tabletop games from small teams all... [Read More]
The last of three weird DLC expansions for Far Cry 5 involves seven zombie movie settings pitched by D-list director Guy Marvel. [Read More]
KSI's newest music video diss track about Logan Paul includes a tribute to Avengers: Infinity War and Thanos. This falls another YouTube diss track from... [Read More]
Head to Io for some Exotic items for your favorite merchant. This week's items include Sunshot, Orpheus Rig, Lion Rampant, Karnstein Armlets, and Three of... [Read More]
Redrix's Claymore returning as Redrix's Broadsword. Many of Bungie's changes that frustrated players in season 3 will be rectified when season 4 launches this September. [Read More]
Electronic Arts writer Jeff Landa details four new maps, including Rotterdam, Devastation, Twisted Steel and Hamada. But there's still no new information on the game's... [Read More]
The mid-2000s had an influx of fan-generated Harry Potter creations. The people behind three of the biggest pieces of Potter fan works — A Very... [Read More]
Graveyard Keeper hasn't completely uprooted the farming-slash-management sim genre, but it's a wonderfully dark twist on games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. [Read More]
PUBG Corp. has promised to "Fix PUBG" and this is the first patch to include some of the new improvements. The patch also adds a... [Read More]
Fans are remixing the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 trailer with audio and clips from previous Spider-Man animated shows, movies and video games. [Read More]
Star Wars Resistance follows Resistance pilot Kaz, who is assigned an undercover mission by Poe Dameron before the events of Star Wars; The Force Awakens.... [Read More]
Regirock, the third in the set of Hoenn-region legendaries, is now available in Pokémon Go Raid Battles. The rock-type Pokémon will post up at gyms... [Read More]
A small percentage of Twitch streamers may have had their personal messages shared with other users after a recent glitch. [Read More]
Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr video game is being adapted into a television series by Fox 21, the studio behind shows like Sons of Anarchy and Homeland. [Read More]
Smash Mouth and the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan are currently debating how the Shrek soundtrack came to be. [Read More]