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Do fan pilgrimages threaten the art of butaitanbou aka anime scene-hunting? While Japan's local tourism is booming thanks to new anime films and series through... [Read More]
Insurgency: Sandstorm, the new tactical shooter on Steam, may have one of the best multiplayer co-op modes that we've played all year. Best of all,... [Read More]
Gory '90s shooter Blood, which is getting rebooted by Nightdive Studios, is owned by both Warner Bros. and Atari. How did that happen? [Read More]
Three NES classics were added to Nintendo Switch Online in December 2018: Adventures of Lolo (1989), Ninja Gaiden (1989), and Wario's Woods (1994). Special versions... [Read More]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's World of Light campaign can be a headache, but we'll show you a way to get very powerful, very quickly. [Read More]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will host its first in-game event later this week. Starting Dec. 14, specific spirits — all wearing glasses — will be... [Read More]
Polygon's exclusive discount code brings Hitman 2 on PC, the latest stealth game in the Hitman series, down to $35 from $60, at Steam key... [Read More]
The live-action Star Wars show adds Werner Herzog, as well as Emily Swallow, Carl Weathers, Omid Abtahi and Giancarlo Esposito in undisclosed roles. Previously, Pedro... [Read More]
Inspector Gadget's 65-episode first season from 1983 will stream on Twitch from Dec. 17 to Dec. 24. This message will self-destruct. [Read More]
Epic Games said it will release its cross-platform play services, including matchmaking, cloud saves, voice chat and game achievements, all built on Fortnite, for free... [Read More]
20th Century Fox has found an interesting way to hype up the digital and Blu-ray release of The Predator: a classical but gory holiday special... [Read More]
The entire United States is distrustful of the Avengers. Phil Coulson, presumed dead after being shot by Deadpool, is back and bent on revenge against... [Read More]
Hackers found a relatively easy way to get additional games running on the PlayStation Classic using just a thumb drive. It still requires some code... [Read More]
Fox's remix of Deadpool 2 removes the Merc with a Mouth's ability to mouth off. Is Deadpool still Deadpool if he can't drop an f-bomb?... [Read More]
Nintendo has sent out download codes for Piranha Plant, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first DLC fighter. But it may not be obvious that you've received... [Read More]
Capcom added in-game ads to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition this week. While sponsored content gets you more Fight Money, the effect is has on... [Read More]
Save on some of the year's best PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games like God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and more. [Read More]
The new Pixar original movie stars Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer. Entitled Onward, it takes place in a world of "suburban... [Read More]
Emily Blunt is terrific as the magical nanny, but the film, which also stars Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Whishaw, can't quite conjure up the magic... [Read More]
Monster Hunter: World made the challenging franchise more accessible and beautiful than ever. That's why the Capcom title number eight on Polygon's Game of the... [Read More]