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Her new album pays tribute to survivors of the terrorist attack. [Read More]
A GMC truck or SUV fled the scene after hitting a minivan head on Friday night. [Read More]
A wake from a passing boat knocked the fisherman into the water. [Read More]
Police say a red pick up truck was involved in the incident. [Read More]
As a child, humble safely rode his bike on Route 131. As a teen, he was part of the first cohort to drive to school.... [Read More]
The defense of Americans' intellectual rights is of equal value to the defense of their physical and property rights. [Read More]
My thoughts emerged less from philosophers I read in college than from ads for products I saw advertised. [Read More]
The town missed the red flags on the record of a 21-year-old man hired to transport young campers, calling attention to other southern Maine towns'... [Read More]
As bishop of Pittsburgh, Donald Wuerl enabled pedophile priests to put children in jeopardy. [Read More]
Maine faces a stark choice in the upcoming gubernatorial election: the action-ready Janet Mills versus Shawn Moody's promise to pile on four more years of... [Read More]
Recent polls show candidates Janet Mills, a Democrat, and Shawn Moody, a Republican, in a dead heat for the governor's job at about 39 percent... [Read More]
The Aug. 13 editorial, "Our View: Stagnant workforce means no new jobs" (Page A4), simply repeated what the paper reported in a lengthy front-page article... [Read More]
Since I live in the East End, I decided to go to St. Peter's Bazaar last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed seeing many people... [Read More]
Portland's built environment is rapidly changing. Every time I see a new building rising from a once-empty lot, I consider how it fits into its... [Read More]
So how long must we wait for the Portland Police Department to complete their investigation into the tragic death of young Patrick Lobor? It seems... [Read More]
Collins should pledge her full support for funding election security and implementing paper ballots. [Read More]
Altoona benefits from Portland's control problems in an 8-1 victory. [Read More]
Novak Djokovic ousts defending champ Grigor Dimitrov, then beats Milos Raonic at the Western & Southern Open. [Read More]
People flock to the opening night of the 2018 Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston despite the rain and the threat of thunderstorms that keep... [Read More]
Portland is unlikely to lose its affiliation with the Red Sox, even if Pawtucket lands another team. [Read More]