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It says a lot about the shallowness and the "throw others under the bus" mentality of President Trump and his administration to think that "Dreamers"... [Read More]
President Trump also earns a nod for worst actor. [Read More]
He says he would veto any legislation that 'weakens the protection of human life.'... [Read More]
Democratic leaders reacted with fury to a BuzzFeed News report that President Trump directed Cohen to lie under oath about his business interests in Russia. [Read More]
it's arrogance in WashingtonFisherman's co-op buyers can be trusted to do the right thingJesuits offer lame excuse for handling of priests accused of sex abuseShow... [Read More]
In his Jan. 11 commentary, Mike Thibodeau rightly criticizes the declining level of political discourse in America. The former legislator's one-sided description of the issue,... [Read More]
If everyone affected by President Trump's shutdown (remember, he said he was "proud" to own it) would send copies of the bills they can't pay... [Read More]
Americans elected him with the expectation that he'd follow through, and members of Congress should honor their constituents' wishes. [Read More]
One way in which the state of Maine might help during the federal shutdown is to provide interest-free loans to federal workers who are going... [Read More]
The nominee says he wants to protect the Justice Department's 'independence and reputation.'... [Read More]
I am responding to Sen. Susan Collins' recent statements on the newest crisis, the wall and government shutdown – her responses to which remain consistent... [Read More]
It seems silly to ask Mexico or American taxpayers for billions to fund the barrier when a billionaire resides in the Oval Office. [Read More]
Today I learned ("Mortgage industry gets relief from the shutdown," Jan. 12, Page A7) that the $1.3 trillion mortgage industry (2,300 mortgage companies, brokers, commercial... [Read More]