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  ***SEMINAR IW 02 HAS REACHED CAPACITY, please select from the remaining seminars. *** Title: COS IW 02 - Natural Language Processing   Instructor: Dr. Christiane Fellbaum... [Read More]
Princeton University will join the Arts Council of Princeton and the Historical Society of Princeton in hosting a series of events Jan. 15 to commemorate Martin... [Read More]
War takes its toll, not only on humans but on wildlife as well. Researchers at Princeton University investigated the consequences of 65 years of war... [Read More]
Through teaching and research, we educate people who will contribute to society and develop knowledge that will make a difference in the world. [Read More]
Three siblings already attend Princeton and the youngest will be attending after he graduates high school this year. [Read More]
The presidents of Princeton University and Microsoft Corp. on Thursday urged members of Congress to act quickly to provide long-term protection, including a path to... [Read More]
Michail Alifierakis is an aspiring data scientist and a Chemical Engineering PhD candidate at Princeton University where he models the mechanical and electrical properties of... [Read More]
Study: Climate models underestimate cooling effect of daily cloud cycle From PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: Princeton University researchers have found that the climate models scientists use to project…... [Read More]
Barrington High School graduate and Princeton University junior Adam Kelly recently set a new Naval Academy facility record in the weight throw.    ... [Read More]
One Valley family is breathing a sigh of relief... and celebrating... after their son recently learned he was accepted to Princeton University. [Read More]
A professor from Princeton University said at an event Wednesday that he thinks border control has failed as a policy, and the United States is... [Read More]
which was based in Geneva and helped establish the Swiss city as a diplomatic centre... [Read More]
December 1960, Princeton University, Ayn …... [Read More]
According to the only man believed to have read the full 57 years-worth of Woody Allen's drafts, stories, and other assorted writings available at Princeton... [Read More]
A THIRST FOR EMPIRE: HOW TEA SHAPED THE MODERN WORLD By Erika Rappaport Princeton University Press, $39.50, 549 pages There's nothing new... [Read More]
James Bullard, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President, says the Fed should debate the meaning of a flattening yield curve. Alan Krueger, Princeton University... [Read More]
Woody Allen movies often have some gross undertones (particularly in the case of his next project), but his archives at Princeton University's Firestone Library seem... [Read More]
A trove of Woody Allen's personal archives, which have been stored at Princeton University since 1980, have been fully read for the first time, and... [Read More]
Woody Allen's drafts and notes have been collected at Princeton University's Firestone Library since 1980, and now they've finally been read. [Read More]
Nearly six decades worth of creative materials, notes and scripts by Woody Allen have been examined and the findings are, well, not good. In... [Read More]