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A.J. McCarron, Cleveland Browns, 3 years, $45 million ($21 million fully guaranteed) It's essentially the Mike Glennon contract for a player without even Glennon's resume.... [Read More]
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings: 5 years, $140 million ($95 million fully guaranteed) Minnesota had one of the better QB depth charts in the NFL last... [Read More]
with the guaranteed portion John Elway was reportedly drawing a line... [Read More]
no quarterbacks currently under contract... [Read More]
After splitting the week 1-1, losing on the road to Wisconsin and grinding out out a home win against Penn State, Purdue fell 3 spots... [Read More]
Evan Liechty, a senior in the College of Engineering and undergraduate in professor Alina Alexeenko's research group, prepares samples to run in a lyophilizer. Liechty... [Read More]
Bins of frozen food in the warehouse await sorting and packing by volunteers. The food will be sent to other food pantries in north central... [Read More]
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It's a good thing Purdue has two Edwardses on its roster. [Read More]
A professor of psychological sciences and department head of clinical psychology, has been named a 150th Anniversary Professor by the Office of the Provost as... [Read More]
The Purdue women's basketball team fell short Sunday at No. 16 Ohio State, 73-60. [Read More]
Did you know you could condense pages of dry facts about Purdue into an exciting show? [Read More]
"Black Panther" is many things. [Read More]
On Friday evening, throngs of people poured into the Yue-Kung Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts to see the opening night of "The Beaux'... [Read More]
Purdue began to offer its first classes in 1874, with only six instructors and 39 students. Today, the institution has grown to offer more than... [Read More]
A club is being revamped on Purdue's campus by Food Finders Food Bank to provide more opportunities for campus involvement and student volunteering. [Read More]
"This whole industry is very much stuck in the '60s and '70s," said Drew Strongrich, a Ph.D. student in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. [Read More]
A pretrial conference has been set for the lecturer at Purdue's Fort Wayne campus who opened a discrimination case against the Purdue Board of Trustees... [Read More]
There were 34 initial reports of battery/assault, 257 reports of personal property theft, 46 drunken driving reports, two attempted suicides and five reports of rape... [Read More]
The doors of Purdue's Wilmeth Active Learning Center opened last August after two years of construction, and the building quickly became the jewel of the... [Read More]