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Graffiti's transformation from a kind of vandalism to a high art form is almost complete. In the last half century, street art has evolved from... [Read More]
In January, aviation authorities announced the suspension of the vast, expensive search for the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane that went missing in March 2014, along... [Read More]
Along with pujas (religious ceremonies) and patakas (firecrackers), there's one more thing that Diwali revellers dig big time: gambling. Night-long card-game sessions with family and... [Read More]
South Africa has suffered a massive data leak, and there's nothing anyone can do about getting their personal information back. Millions of citizens' identity numbers…... [Read More]
A day after India celebrated Diwali (Oct. 19), the festival of lights, cities across the country are gasping for breath. In New Delhi, India's capital…... [Read More]
Pollution kills more people in India than anywhere else in the world. In 2015, a staggering 2.5 million Indians died due to non-communicable diseases, including... [Read More]
In 2015, a staggering 2.5 million Indians died due to non-communicable diseases, including strokes and lung cancer, caused by pollution, according to a report by…... [Read More]
At 10am on Thursday, seven-year-old Shubhangi Shukla was busy planning her Diwali evening. "We can go to the mall," she told her mother Pragya Shukla,... [Read More]
As odd as it sounds, China's economic policy is being held hostage by its heavily skewed sex ratio. China's excess of young, unmarriageable males poses... [Read More]
After an unusually drama-filled election campaign, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe's party looks set to win big in parliamentary elections on Sunday (Oct. 22). It's... [Read More]
1. Valley forge "'It's easy to say, 'Get these people out, build the wall,' when it's these people. When you put a live person in... [Read More]
He has a lot to work with. [Read More]
Facebook has rolled out a new feature that lets users browse content they might be interested in but may not see as part of their... [Read More]
A common backyard bird evolved an extra-long beak in a stunningly short period of time, researchers have found, and the reason might be the very…... [Read More]
On Oct. 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 22.6% in a single day. [Read More]
Scientists with Japan's space agency have announced they have discovered what appears to be a humongous cave on the surface of the moon—a potential spot…... [Read More]
The Goldman Sachs CEO has already developed a complex persona on Twitter. [Read More]
The only thing certain in this life are death, taxes and the US department of energy's massive underestimate of renewable energy capacity. Every two years,…... [Read More]
In the race to autonomous vehicles, no one is more aggressive than Chinese tech giant Baidu. At The Wall Street Journal's WSJ D.Live technology conference…... [Read More]
With her election to the helm of New Zealand's government today (Oct. 19), Jacinda Ardern became the world's twelfth 30-something head of state or government.…... [Read More]