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Turkish jets crossed the border to bomb PKK targets. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
Israel Destroyed Eight Syrian Air Defense Targets, Killed 11 Troops | Israeli Army had claimed attacks were targeting Iran's Quds Force... [Read More]
US Troops Targeted in Second Northeast Syria Bombing | Five Kurdish fighters reported slain in attack on joint convoy... [Read More]
Israeli Election Ad Brags on Bombing Gaza Back to the Stone Age | Second ad for Gantz includes 'kill counter' related to 2014 Gaza War... [Read More]
Hours After Major Attack Taliban Holds Talks With US Envoy in Qatar | Taliban hoping for timeline on US pullout from Afghanistan... [Read More]
Taliban Kill Over 100 Afghan Police in Attack Near Kabul | Suicide car bomber, gunmen killed huge numbers at training site... [Read More]
The National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service (NCMNPS) will release an "interim report" this Wednesday, January 23rd, at a press conference from 9-10:30... [Read More]
In the wake of the outcry after the abduction and murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi – in a foreign country and under the directive... [Read More]
Taliban Rejects Call to Meet US Negotiator in Islamabad | Taliban won't participate in any talks that include Afghan government... [Read More]
Trump Says 'A Lot of Progress' Made With North Korea | Says location has been decided on... [Read More]
Two attacks in Diyala province left four dead. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
US Airstrike Kills at Least 52 in Southern Somalia | Officials say all slain were al-Shabaab militants... [Read More]
Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemeni Capital | Dozens of strikes reportedly, many homes destroyed... [Read More]
Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria, Officials Say Iran's Quds Force Is Target | Israeli Army warns Syria against any sort of retaliation... [Read More]
Erdodan Tells Trump: Turkey Ready to Take Over Syria's Manbij | White House: Two leaders agreed to pursue a 'negotiated solution'... [Read More]
Camera One, pointed at The Atlantic: America Scrambles to Catch Up With Chinese and Russian Weapons Camera Two, pointed at Wikipedia: The missile gap was... [Read More]
There is a possibility of complete denuclearization of North Korea in the years to come. But Washington needs to handle diplomacy in a manner similar... [Read More]
Originally posted at TomDispatch. Let me tell you a little story about Hiroshima and me: As a young man, I was anything but atypical in... [Read More]
White House: Israeli TV Report on Peace Plan Not Accurate | US envoy says speculation about plan is 'not helpful'... [Read More]
Second Trump-Kim Summit Will Be Held in Late February | White House says all sanctions will remain in place... [Read More]