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After commenting on most of the episodes on the first Israeli Prime Ministers in Raviv Drucker's TV series The Captains, I must come back to... [Read More]
Razan al-Najjar is the latest victim in Israel's onslaught of Palestinians to go viral. The 21-year-old nurse was shot dead by a sniper. Her only... [Read More]
For over two months Julian Assange had no internet access and no contact with anyone besides his lawyer. Fifteen days is prohibited by the UN... [Read More]
Forty bodies belonging to ISIS militants were found in a mass grave in Qayara. - Margaret Griffis for Original... [Read More]
Pakistani Taliban Leader Reported Killed in US Drone Strike | Drone strike targeted Fazlullah along Afghan border... [Read More]
UAE Says US Rejected Repeated Requests to Help Attack Yemen Port | Trump Administration denied three requests in past 24 hours... [Read More]
Trump: Not Going After North Korea on Human Rights to Avoid Nuclear War | Says millions would be killed in nuclear war between the two... [Read More]
US Threatens 'Measures' Against Syria for Offensive in Southwest | State Dept says offensive would violate de-escalation deal... [Read More]
Saudi-Led Forces Seize Airport Entrance Amid Move on Hodeidah | Troops are marching down main road to seaport... [Read More]
Trump Gave Kim Direct Phone Number, Will Call Sunday | Says Kim can call directly if he has any difficulties... [Read More]
UN Rejects Plan for Ceasefire in Yemen Port | US, Britain oppose call to stop Saudi-led attack on aid port... [Read More]
both Republican and Democrat, and both inside … Continue reading "Rep. Ro Khanna Says Fellow Democrats Should Support Diplomacy With North Korea" [Read More]
Emmy nominations are ongoing. Veterans For Peace recently announced it will place this full-page ad in Variety urging an Emmy not be awarded to the... [Read More]
For several years now, I have been writing regular posts on my blog with one end in mind: to help open a door for readers and encourage... [Read More]
The village idiots of Imperial Washington are having conniption fits about the Singapore summit. That's because after 65 years of lobbing military threats and diplomatic... [Read More]
Bodies floating downstream into Iraq from Syria after scores of ISIS/Daesh militants were executed in Syria. The post Euphrates Fills with Bodies Floating in... [Read More]
Veterans For Peace is absolutely delighted that peace is breaking out on the Korean Peninsula. We congratulate the Korean people, who cried out for peace... [Read More]
From Avaaz:... [Read More]
Originally appeared on The American Conservative. ABC News reports on the start of the Saudi coalition's attack on the port of Hodeidah: As many as... [Read More]
Some critics have knocked President Trump for making "too many concessions" to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the historic Singapore Summit – the first-ever... [Read More]