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Her attorneys say the gunfire from police left her disabled, unable to work and feeling that her quality of life had decreased. ... [Read More]
It was accompanied by a warning note, and we bet he listened. [Read More]
The disturbing videos were taken on a cellphone and sent anonymously to a local news station. [Read More]
The mother's longtime friend said she quit a job about a month ago because she couldn't find a babysitter for the kids. ... [Read More]
Trump has been outspoken in his opposition to NFL players protesting during the national anthem. [Read More]
He's accused of punching, kicking and groping a woman. [Read More]
"It makes me so sad to talk about these issues, but I would be remiss not to." [Read More]
"We have a pathological liar in the White House." [Read More]
He was shot in the leg by the Las Vegas gunman. [Read More]
The senator spoke while receiving the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal. [Read More]
He was a member of the Air Force. [Read More]
Even Judge Len Goodman was dazzled. [Read More]
The girl complained that she was unable to breathe during the punishment, police say. [Read More]
"This is obviously a very sad moment for me, but I'm just so thankful." [Read More]
He thought his captor was joking. [Read More]
Like Britney's second-most-recent video, it's scored with classical music. [Read More]
It's one of the best nights to be a Dancing With the Stars fan: Disney Night. [Read More]
"The president has seemingly made a point of dividing us as best he can." [Read More]
Barack Obama exchanged five Guantanamo Bay prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl in 2014. In 2017, Bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion. [Read More]
A gardener from Birmingham, England says he had no choice but to flee his wife. [Read More]