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Speaking on a podcast last week, Hillary Clinton sparked a huge firestorm with a veiled swipe at 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, theorizing that... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken up a new hobby of trolling President Donald Trump on Twitter. The grandmother of three excelled in... [Read More]
MSNBC analyst Tiffany Cross excoriated CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday for calling Trump aide Kellyanne Conway a "badass woman of Washington." Cross told MSNBC's Ayman... [Read More]
On MSNBC Saturday, former Clinton campaign official and director of SiriusXM progressive programming Zerlina Maxwell said that not only did Hillary Clinton do nothing wrong... [Read More]
On Saturday, center-right CNN host Michael Smerconish invited 2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein on air to discuss Hillary Clinton's characterization of her as a... [Read More]
On CNN Saturday, commentator and Spectrum News reporter Errol Louis suggested that former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had a point... [Read More]
'Unhinged and Disgraceful' Democratic U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii launched an attack against her own party and her own party's most-recent presidential nominee late... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that she thinks Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, is being "groomed" by Russia to run as a third-party candidate... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton just dropped a bombshell. The former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee who won the popular vote by close to 3 million more votes than... [Read More]
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