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American Enterprise Institute policy analyst James Pethokoukis blistered President Trump for attacking the Federal Reserve's recent rate hikes, saying the president had no one but... [Read More]
President Trump's Tuesday Associated Press interview, in which he defended his son Don Jr's efforts to obtain information from Russia on Hillary Clinton, didn't sit... [Read More]
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MSNBC detailed President Donald Trump and the Republican Party's war on women during "The Beat with Ari Melber" on Tuesday. Melber showed a tape his... [Read More]
Michael Avenatti called into MSNBC on Tuesday morning, where he mocked what he called President Trump's premature gloating over the dismissal of Stormy Daniels' defamation... [Read More]
Doug Pagitt, the liberal evangelical who leads Vote Common Good, told C-SPAN on Tuesday that President Trump was losing his hold on the evangelical community... [Read More]
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis insisted on Tuesday that he is on Donald Trump's team, after the US president said in an interview that he... [Read More]
Fox News Monday morning did its usual propaganda pitch for President Trump, defending the lying leader's responses during his rare "60 Minutes" interview which aired Sunday night. "Fox... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Sunday spent his 210th golfing as president at the same time as victims of Hurricane Michael were struggling to pick of... [Read More]
Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah interpreted the behind-the-scenes negotiations between special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump defense attorney Rudy Giuliani... [Read More]
CNN's David Gregory was clearly upset when he delivered a blistering broadside against President Trump for his weak response to strong evidence implicating Saudi Arabia... [Read More]
President Trump's Director of the National Economic Council and former CNBC host Larry Kudlow visited his old network on Friday, where he made a series... [Read More]
During a Thursday appearance on MSNBC, Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart ridiculed President Trump's "laughable" embrace of Kanye West as a spokesman for the African-American... [Read More]
Republican financier and operative Peter W. Smith, who raised $100,000 in the hope of obtaining Hillary Clinton's emails from hackers, was in contact with President Trump's... [Read More]
Trump has frequently criticized the US central bank for gradually raising interest rates ... [Read More]
President Trump has just penned an op-ed for USA Today, in which he rants against Bernie Sanders' "Medicare-for-all" plan, claiming that "The Democrats want to outlaw private health care... [Read More]