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Plus: With YAF taking on TPUSA's Charlie Kirk, it's a campus conservative civil war. [Read More]
Here in the U.S., we tend not to think of insects as food, and we're horrified when they show up in our food. But in... [Read More]
Another week, another bumbling trade declaration from President Donald Trump. After a very confrontational G-7 meeting, observes Veronique de Rugy, Trump... [Read More]
California state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, a Democrat, wants to force firms based in the Golden State to add women to their boards. A bill she... [Read More]
Another week, another bumbling trade declaration from the president. [Read More]
A plan to divide California into three states will be on the state's referendum ballot in November. If it passes and is approved by Congress,... [Read More]
Sea level rise rate has increased marginally, but what about the future? [Read More]
The school district points fingers at charter schools instead of trying to slim down and compete, a new report says. [Read More]
Federal Judge Raymond Moore applies strict scrutiny to a system with the power to restrict political speech and finds it unreasonable to outsource that... [Read More]
My first foray into podcasting here at Reason, a discussion with Reason editor Katherine Mangu-Ward. [Read More]
Voting on the blockchain could end worries about voter fraud and election hacking. [Read More]
Bans like San Francisco's hurt smokers by making the potentially lifesaving switch to vaping less attractive. [Read More]
A Chicago suburb's law to confiscate firearms and magazines has been blocked by a temporary restraining order. [Read More]
June 12 was not a good day for free-market constitutionalism in the modern GOP. [Read More]
Twitter's Jack Dorsey apologized for eating at Chick-fil-A. What does that have to do with Donald Trump? Plenty. [Read More]
Once again, lawmakers propose to use the regulatory state to punish people they don't like. [Read More]
Ripping kids from migrant parents is both lawless and cruel. [Read More]
A conversation with Eugene Volokh about what's legal to publish and why—plus doxxing, lock picking, source protection, and more. [Read More]
Voters will get to consider a plan to create three smaller states, but politicians will make the call. [Read More]
The company's "paving for pizza" initiative answers an age-old question. [Read More]