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How can we know that the sages of the Talmud weren't interpreting the Torah for their own selfish aims rather than for the good of... [Read More]
It's deeper than liquor and free dinners. [Read More]
Lake Junaluska to Invest more than $400,000 into Youth and Young Adult Facilities... [Read More]
Long's Chapel is embarking on a new and exciting journey. Since the inception and establishment of the church in 1859, a great deal has happened. [Read More]
The spending bill must pass by Friday or the government will shut down. [Read More]
"We will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward," Zuckerberg wrote. [Read More]
Cardin, who is Jewish, was one of just four Senate Democrats to vote against the Iran nuclear deal, which J Street supported. [Read More]
Debate at the Knesset became heated over the continued lack of a solution. [Read More]
The graffiti was the latest in a string of white supremacist incidents on campus. [Read More]
Katherine Magbanua is one of three people charged in Markel's 2014 death, which allegedly was a murder for hire paid for by Markel's former in-laws. [Read More]
When a climate apocalypse one day destroys human civilization, at least alien archaeologists will be able to become acquainted with Groucho Marx. [Read More]
The choreographers called the rejection "reverse discrimination," saying it holds artists accountable for the actions of their governments. [Read More]
The employee posted a photo of himself on Facebook wearing a t-shirt featuring the name of an SS Waffen division. [Read More]
The airline is switching to the ER 777-300, which will add 2,000 seats a week to its direct flights on the route. [Read More]
Trump, with the help of Jared Kushner, is closing the gap of Israel's military superiority in the Middle East. And this is incredibly dangerous. [Read More]
Zuckerberg has so far been silent about the leak of 50 million users' personal data. [Read More]
The actress said she receives "vicious attacks" on social media, but nevertheless is remaining a Zionist. [Read More]
Recently, we gave everyone in our church a five-dollar bill. It was not for brunch, or a movie or a Powerball ticket (although the Powerball... [Read More]
The study, released on Wednesday, showed that the more devout the person was, the closer they aligned with the other religion. [Read More]
It's called the 'champagne of drinking water' for a reason. [Read More]