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The "Sexuality and Scripture" video conference series, hosted by Enid Faith Ways Church, held its first session Wednesday evening, and has scheduled sessions every Wednesday... [Read More]
Dozens of Palestinians demonstrating at the Gaza border were injured by Israeli gunfire... [Read More]
Hundreds of Beacon School students and parents sign letter supporting moment of silence for Palestinians killed during Gaza protests. [Read More]
A small law firm has won big battles for Catholics, Sikhs and Native Americans. But just how far will they go for the first amendment? [Read More]
Murray Huberfeld pled guilty to conspiracy charges on Friday in a bribery case that was part of a web of interconnected corruption scandals. [Read More]
Should poor people have to sit through a sermon to get a hot meal? A new Trump policy might make it so. [Read More]
Sikhism, the world's fifth most popular religion, is a monotheistic faith that believes in equality and service to others, Sikh officials say. [Read More]
It's Memorial Day weekend, and as we remember those who have given their lives for our country, we have also earned a bit of rest. [Read More]
The Genesis Prize's Russian moguls have more than Natalie Portman to fear. Their names pop up at odd corners of the Trump scandal. Will it... [Read More]
One of this city's largest hospitals has accused a Hasidic group that visits sick patients of lying about the hospital's policy. [Read More]
Weinstein carried three large books into the police station, including "Elia Kazan: A Biography," by Richard Schickel. [Read More]
Bad Bunny's sudden rise to fame is helping streetwear brand Frsh Company start a community. [Read More]
When it comes to Israel, everything is complicated. Politics are complicated, religion is complicated, democracy is complicated, the conflict is complicated. Even the complications are... [Read More]
There's nothing Jewish about car racing, is there? Or is there? [Read More]
Democrats may have trouble threatening to boot Simcha Felder from the party because of his strong support from the Orthodox community, experts say. [Read More]
THE AMERICAN political system, despite its formal separation of church of state, still finds room for a sort of civic religion which lends dignity to... [Read More]
One day after the removal of a prominent seminary president following a series of contentious remarks about women, Southern Baptists have begun a public reckoning.... [Read More]
Every family has a set of stories that play, continuously, like a loop, or, better yet, that function like a prompt: a gentle caution, a... [Read More]
In a manila envelope in the top drawer of her dresser, my mother kept a Scottish Grenadiers' cap with a red checkered band and ribbons... [Read More]
Six Roman Catholic dioceses have copies of a Pennsylvania grand jury report critical of their handling of sexual abuse by priests and others over the... [Read More]