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Since the beginning of religious ideologies dating back to 4,000 B.C.E., the world's biggest conflicts have dealt with separations of religion. Starti... [Read More]
Sophia Wilansky represents a reconnection with our own ancient earth-based spirituality of shepherds and farmers in the Hebrew Bible. [Read More]
7755 Greenstone Trail Fort Collins, CO 80525. Religion - Churches... [Read More]
I'm calling for Lane Community College to find another way to reconcile its budget than by cutting the vital programs that the administration has proposed,... [Read More]
It is considered one of Israel's highest honors: Lighting the 12 torches at the ceremony marking the opening of the country's Independence Day celebrations. And... [Read More]
A number of conservative Republicans in Congress have launched a pro-Israel caucus predicated on getting the Palestinians to acknowledge defeat. The co-chairs of the new... [Read More]
President Trump's proposed tax plan may decimate Israel's high-tech industry, business analysts have warned. [Read More]
A young rabbi is working with his first Confirmation class. It was the custom back then in that congregation for each student to write an... [Read More]
The challenge of assuring that 'never again' has meaning is to fight back and shine a light on the dark forces that bully minorities. [Read More]
CNN's Tapper denounced Trump's claim that Obama spied on him and urged viewers to demand accuracy no matter someone's politics. [Read More]
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(RNS) One of the Catholic Church's traditional arguments against the priestly ordination of women revolves around Jesus of Nazareth being a man. But the authors... [Read More]
"They were always in love, literally to the end. To the last second." [Read More]
NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) The mostly Christian country is home to a modest 100 halal-compliant food industry businesses, offering Muslims a choice of offerings and convenience,... [Read More]
Dover Friends Meeting will host an ice cream social this Sunday to... [Read More]
A bipartisan religious freedom commission on Wednesday slammed Russia for ongoing and egregious religious intolerance, adding the country to its list of "countries of particular... [Read More]
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