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The champion among contenders for a "crisis" of experience and identity these years is American evangelicalism, which was born from the crises of the eighteenth... [Read More]
Millennials are authentic and relational "resident crap detectors" whose voices are vital for the church -- if the church would stop doing everything in its... [Read More]
Within most African religious worldviews, everything is a part of the spiritual world and so physical combat or clothing or body modification are all infused... [Read More]
While many American children will learn how George Washington cut down the cherry tree, they will not learn about his deep and abiding faith in... [Read More]
Can faith-based refugee resettlement groups bounce back from budget cuts? Is Mitt Romney's campaign a battle for the soul of Republican Mormons? Are students the... [Read More]
In conjunction with tonight's PBS premiere of "Tell Them We Are Rising" – a documentary about historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)-American Baptist Home Mission... [Read More]
We made smoking cigarettes socially unacceptable. We can do the same with guns. The kids have to make it happen. [Read More]
The post featured a student in a hijab and these words: "Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools." [Read More]
In one of the travel ban cases. [Read More]
For Team USA skier David Wise, the tough road from Sochi to Pyeongchang has required him to lean heavily on his faith and family. [Read More]
For the six faith-based agencies authorized to settle refugees in the U.S., the battle over the travel ban is also a fight to protect their... [Read More]
Religious leaders called for thoughts, prayers and action for Parkland, Fla. One Olympian can't quit God. Jim Bakker appears to be less PTL and more... [Read More]
"St. Joseph's Table Cookbook – 100s of Years of Old-world Family Cooking" (2018): Just in time to celebrate Lent, the Easter season and the entire... [Read More]
'I kind of envision me skiing and God is kind of like an eagle right next to me screeching in my ear that everything is... [Read More]
"Thank God for psychologists and Lexapro," writes Jonathan Merritt. "Without them, I might be dead today." [Read More]
Enough, we say. Until next time. [Read More]
We are a people of active faith. Jesus did not simply call us to believe but to go into the world. [Read More]
Many religious leaders are still searching for words for the tragedy. Some called for prayer. Others begged for that prayer to be accompanied by action. [Read More]
The Reverend Bud Heckman has been selected to serve as Executive Director for the Omaha-based Tri-Faith Initiative. Heckman recently served as Executive Director of Religions... [Read More]
Olympic contender invokes God. CNN analyst breaks down over Florida shooting. Muslim Valentine's cards. [Read More]