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All along, Fred Rogers was preaching a special gospel. Or, Torah. [Read More]
Only up to a point. [Read More]
The secretary of state told participants in the annual Values Voter Summit that American pastor Andrew Brunson 'has been wrongly held' and should be released. [Read More]
Evangelical conservative Christians may find themselves in a quandary this year, championing an administration that shares their public policy goals but may fall short of... [Read More]
As a minister pledges to find answers, his congregation mourns a beloved song leader and Bible teacher fatally shot in his home by an off-duty... [Read More]
"Let It Be" became "Lu Yehi." Well, sort of...... [Read More]
If Brett Kavanaugh were a Catholic priest, he would be suspended and investigated. Should we expect less from the U.S. Senate? [Read More]
After a lawsuit was filed, the station began permitting women to speak during limited hours, "and only on stereotypically female topics like recipes or education,"... [Read More]
Religion News Foundation (RNF) is pleased to announce a $500,000 collaboration with the Kalamazoo, Mich.-based Fetzer Institute, which underwrites news and resources related to the... [Read More]
Posts on the Church of England Instagram feed. Screengrab via Instagram... [Read More]
Since allegations surfaced of a sexual assault during his Catholic school days, officials in a range of religion-related roles are no less divided about whether... [Read More]
Whether Muslims mark the day by flagellating or fasting, the solemn Islamic holiday of Ashura is not for the faint of heart. Let us 'Splain. [Read More]
Many of their fellow refugees reportedly believe that homosexuality is wrong and gays must be punished. [Read More]
For the past two years the Church of England has committed itself to developing a strong presence online, with a particular target of attracting people... [Read More]
With attention focused on the LDS Church's opposition to Proposition 2 in Utah, it's worth asking: How do Mormons feel about marijuana, and how many... [Read More]
Paul Simon is now homeward bound. Aren't we all? [Read More]
Zondervan is pleased to announce a new publishing partnership with Seedbed, a twenty-first century movement and media platform whose mission is to gather, connect, and... [Read More]
My church taught that being LGBTQ was a sin. Like so many other LGBTQ youth, Tyler must have felt rejected, unwanted and shamed. My son... [Read More]
(RNS) — "Pennsylvania demonstrated that the church is not honest," said Tim Lennon, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. [Read More]
HAIFA, Israel (RNS) — Rabbi Dov Hayun's recent arrest is giving Israelis reason to atone for their country's stranglehold on Jewish religious expression. [Read More]