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This is "Ordinary Time" [Read More]
This alleged remark has seemingly left at least some of these advisers uncomfortable enough to counter with their own words on the topic. [Read More]
'Buddhism has been called the most psychological of the world's religions and the most spiritual of the world's psychologies,' says Mark Epstein. [Read More]
The pope maneuvered behind the scenes to deal with Chile's disgraced bishop. Clergy in the Evangelical Covenant Church call for a moratorium on punishing... [Read More]
From Memphis to Washington, here are a few ways faith groups and their partners are noting that date in history. [Read More]
Mormons are burying Pres. Monson today, and there is some controversy about how he will be remembered. I've rounded up some of the best writing... [Read More]
When a president uses racist language, it's time for the early warning system to kick in. [Read More]
Where is Debbie Friedman, now what we really need her? [Read More]
It is reprehensible that Turkey chose to arrest an American Christian cleric who for more than two decades was fulfilling his religious duties by serving... [Read More]
Currently, the IRS reports that only one-third of Americans itemize their Federal taxes, but data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) reveals that 83% of... [Read More]
She is not the only Evangelical Covenant Church pastor who faces disciplinary action for taking part in the nuptials of gay couples or affirming them... [Read More]
Thomas S. Monson, considered a prophet by the 16-million-member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Jan. 2 at age 90 after months of... [Read More]
'Losing this bell... [Read More]
Website FaithLeaks launches with goal of rooting out abuse and corruption in churches. New study says North Korea is worst place for Christian persecution. Leaders... [Read More]
As male secular icons are falling almost daily, a group of Catholic men are issuing a 30-day challenge to all men to rise up and... [Read More]
This week, Ligonier Ministries launched Ask Ligonier, a 24/6 biblical and theological chat service staffed by a well-trained team. The team is strategically located across... [Read More]
Afghanistan is a close second in an annual list from a Christian rights watchdog organization. [Read More]
(RNS) — The site is intended to allow people to anonymously submit documents that shed light on three main areas: congregational finances, church policies and procedures... [Read More]
It has been, under the surface, a re-litigating of Lee's terms of surrender at Appomattox. (Commentary) [Read More]
During his tenure, World Vision grew to collect $1 billion in annual revenue in 2017, making it No. 15 on Forbes' list of the nation's... [Read More]